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This 700-Foot High Zipline Is Officially The Most Pants-Shittingly Horrifying Yet Awesome Ride Ever

Holy shitballs.

This Footage From A Kid Strapping A Go Pro To His Head And Jumping Along Roofs Makes You Feel Like Spiderman

Spiderman must have nuts of steel.

I Can’t Stop Watching The Go-Pro Video Of The World’s Longest Car Jump…Because It Goes Horribly Wrong

Protip: Don't try this at home. Or ever, actually.

Criminal Records Go-Pro Video of Himself Committing an Armed Robbery, Then Releases the Scary Footage

We’re really not sure if this is a viral stunt or real. And if it is real, we’re DEFINITELY not […]

This GoPro Footage of Felix Baumgartner’s Jump Is Insane

For the first time, GoPro has released first-person footage of Felix Baumgartner's October, 2012 jump from 24 miles above Earth. And, similarly for the first time,

Watch Go-Pro Footage of a Huge Bike Jump Into a Lake

And suddenly, we feel the need to do something with our summers.

Here’s Ridiculous POV Footage of a Climber Sliding Down a Mountain

Mark Roberts is alive today and escaped this 100-foot-fall with just minor injuries. Whew.

Ever Wonder What a High-Speed Crash Looks Like to a Racecar Driver?

Sweet God in heaven! Look at how much of a beating this dude’s head takes. It’s enough to make Roger Goodell fine the pavement.