The 6 Valuable Lessons I Have Learned from Living With Girls (Other than My Mom)


With the divorce rate so high in North America I consider myself lucky that my parents have been together for my entire life.

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How Do I Get A Girl Who’s ‘Out Of My League’? Should I Do Long-Distance In College With My Girlfriend, Or Break Up?


Congratulations kiddies, you all someone managed to ask relatively different questions from the usual “My girlfriend doesn’t love me, help.


The Indisputable Reason Behind Why Chicks Freak Out Over Fall So Much


Leaves are changing, the weather is cooling off and the number of pumpkin flavored food products is skyrocketing in stores- it’s October.


4 Things Our Girlfriends Force Us To Do That We Hate


Shutterstock For some reason, no matter how often men say we hate doing something, women just keep asking us to do it.


If Girls Were Honest On Dates…


"I'm only talking right now because I'm scared of silence.


The 15 Things That Will Help You Get Laid On The First Date, According To A Girl

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Most girls love first dates: it’s the time where they can build you up in their heads as the perfect man, try out your last name as her new last name, imagine what your kids would look like, and the time before they figure out that you’re an asshole or impotent or whatever.

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Just Like Every Guy Ever, Adam Driver Has Never Watched HBO’s ‘Girls’


Love it or hate it, a lot of millennial yuppie douchefucks think Lena Dunham's Girls is "the show of our generation.

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