model to miner

Australian Model Quits The Glamour Industry To Become A Miner In The Most Confusing Career Change In History


From a young age, Shana Mooyman's face was plastered all over promotional materials for nightclubs and festivals  spanning all over Australia.

sex struggles

BRO CALL: We May Not Be As Good At Sex As We Think We Are, Says Our Girlfriends

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So bros, you're probably wondering why I called you in here today.


Blonde Versus Brunette: What Are The Actual Differences?


I’m sure a lot of feminists out there may be reading this title and thinking to themselves (and their twitter followers) that it’s irresponsible for me to perpetuate such superficial stereotypes among women.


The Do’s And Don’t On How To Text Girls And Not Sound Like A Stupid 8th Grader In The Process

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shutterstock If you’re reading this and are in fact an 8th grader I’m going to stop you right here before you get offended.

tv shows

HAHA: No One Is Watching Lena Dunham’s TV Show ‘Girls’ This Season


At the beginning of this year, Chris Illuminati and I thought it would be fun to ironically do recaps of Girls episodes.

bros watching girls

We All Remember Our First Handjob In A Bathroom At A College Party — Bros Watching ‘Girls’ Episode 2

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Each week, senior editors Brandon Wenerd and Chris Illuminati are going to recap HBO's Girls.


Don’t Know How To Dress Well? Don’t Worry, We Interviewed Model Jacqueline Sposito For Advice On How To Dress


As much as people like to deny it, the way you look really does make a difference in how people treat you.


5 Stages Of Crazy Chicks Go Through When They Lose Their Phone


We've all been out with a girl who loses her phone and acts like the world is coming to an end.


Watch A Bunch Of Girls Try To Pee Standing Up For The First Time Ever


Have you ever taken a step back from your happy little life and wondered to yourself “Waiiiit a second, what would the world be like if girls could pee standing up.


Allison Williams’ Dad, News Anchor Brian, Watched Her Now Infamous Butt-Eating Sex Scene


Allison Williams went from being famous for playing Peter Pan to now being famous for having the most famous rimjob scene in TV history Sunday night and you know who's cool with it.


The Allison Williams Rimjob Scene Heard Round The World — Bros Watching ‘Girls’ Recap

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Each week, senior editors Brandon Wenerd and Chris Illuminati are going to recap Girls.

emily ratajkowski

Emily Ratajkowski Decided To Take Off Almost All Her Clothes For This Instagram Photo And I Can’t Say I’m Complaining


Emily Ratajowski is one of Hollywood’s newest stars who’s quickly becoming a household name.

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