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The 69 Best Free Porn Sites on the Web

Because you need this in your life.

The 7 Things You Should Never Say To Women

Bros, don't be boneheads and saying these douchey things to women. If you think it's going to piss her off, seriously... just.... DON'T SAY IT. 

Get To Know the Girls of TAO Las Vegas (And Party With Them This Weekend)

TAO is the hottest nightclub in Las Vegas. And this weekend, you can party with them at the inaugural TAO Bowl. 

Watch Lara Croft Get Hotter and Hotter and Hotter in One Infographic

This awesome infographic, via Halloween Costumes, is ostensibly about the improved quality of video game graphics over the past two decades. 

How Can You Tell If a Bundled-Up Girl Is Actually Attractive?

Allow the dudes at MTV's Guy Code to break it down for you... 

10 Signs She’s Going Home with You After Last Call

You've closed out your tab and it's almost time to get a cab. Will a babe be by your side?

Michelle Rodriguez Made Out with Cara Delevinge at Madison Square Garden

As the middling New York Knicks and Detroit Pistons battled it out on the court at Madison Square Garden last night, a more entertaining display

Here’s a Video of a Girl Pooping Into Her Hand Outside a Club

Can't add much to this other than it's from May and I've never seen it before, so you probably haven't either. 

Unbe-WEAVE-able Cat Fight Erupts At High School

What are they teaching kids in school these days? Kids, if you’re going to get into fisticuffs, do it after school or away from teachers.

Check Out the Butt on Dwyane Wade’s Baby Mama

It's been an eventful month for Dwyane Wade. First, we got word he was engaged to actress Gabrielle Union. Yay! Then yesterday word spread that

30 Hot Women in Sports You Should Be Following on Instagram

Of course, McKayla Maroney is first. @JCamm_ would fire me if McKayla Maroney wasn't first. 

Sofia Vergara in a Thong is a Christmas Gift for Us All

Sofia Vergara is not an unattractive woman. She proved that once again with a picture of ... wait for it ... DAT ASS.

Just the Tip: Girls Don’t Understand Sports

Here is another snark-filled episode of Just the Tip, a show that teaches men the ins and outs of what women are really like. Because

Some Saint Took a GoPro Video Of Boobs Bouncing on the Beach, Then Published It In Slow-Motion

Prettay, prettay, prettay good way to start your Friday. 

The World’s Worst Women To Watch Football With

"I'm putting Housewives on because stuff actually happens in that show!" Elite Daily just dropped a video that almost every guy can relate to.  And on a related note... Why

Russian Babes in Lingerie Work Ticket Counter for Hockey Team, Do Not Hurt Sales

Sex sells worldwide. This is an irrefutable fact, my friends. So does Benny Hill music on an endless loop. 

Woman With Boobs as Big as Peyton Manning’s Forehead Dons Denver Broncos Body Paint, Nothing Else

Here are two facts about Natasha Kizmet: 1. She has some very round breasts. 2. She once painted a Peyton Manning jersey on her curvy

Mesh is See Through; These Girls Are Wearing Dresses Made of Mesh

We approve of anything that allows a little more skin to be seen. 

Dai Macedo Wins Brazil’s Miss Bum Bum Title, Has Amazing Ass

For 364 days out of the year, we slog through life without purpose. But on one day—one glorious day a year—we devote all our attention

These Girls Have Legs For Days (33 Photos)

Legs. Long, lush, luxurious legs. We've got lots of photos of them. 

Let Some Hot and Oily Babes Explain Rugby to You

We’d like to thank Sports Grid for bringing this two-year-old video to the forefront of our minds this afternoon. We came perilously close to never

65 Hot St. Louis Cardinals Fans Just in Time for the World Series

The Fall Classic begins tonight. What’s that? You don’t like baseball? Perhaps these comely young Redbirds fans can change your mind. 

‘Girls’ for Gay Guys is Coming to HBO

Do watch Girls but wish it was about gay guys?

Top 10 Hottest Sororities In The Pac-12

What are the 12 hottest sororities in the PAC-12? Can the answer be all of them? They are all amazing. 

What It’s Like to Be a Girl at the Gym

Ohhhhh. So this is what it's like when you're actually wearing the yoga pants?! It all makes so much sense now...

How Girls In Their 20s Act When Their Friend Gets Engaged

Girls in their 20s ALWAYS have the same reaction when their friend gets engaged: If they're single, they feign happiness that wears off into sad jealousy.

You Won’t Believe These Weird Facts About Women

FACT: Women's farts are smellier, SAYS SCIENCE.... Just think about that for a little bit, Bros. 

This Video Perfectly Explains Why Girls Love The Fall So Much

Apple picking. Pumpkin spice lattes. "Sweater weather." Barf. The fall is awesome and everything, but girls -- especially girls in their 20s -- are freakin'

6 Overrated Things Chicks Wear

A follow up to this post, 6 Most Underrated Sexy Things That Chicks Wear. #1 on this list: Black Yoga Pants. READ WHY!

Girl in Racecar Freaks Out Because It’s Going Too Fast

We’re pretty sure this woman named Kara enjoyed her ride-along in an autocross car. We just think she has a weird way of showing it.

Courtney Stodden Wearing a Lettuce Bikini, Because Who Cares Why?

Without hesitation, reservation, or any shame whatsoever, I'd slide it in her and anyone who says they wouldn't is a stone cold liar. 

Girl Curling Hair While Listening to Rap Experiences Epic Fail

Think you know how this ends? Well, you’re probably right. You’ll enjoy it all the same.

Model Cheyenne Lutek Has Been Pushing the Limits of NYC’s Nudity Laws This Past Week

After the New York City Police Department released a memo that it is legal for women to walk around the city shirtless without penalty of

Here Are Some Naked Babes from ESPN the Magazine’s ‘Body Issue’

ESPN’s annual excuse to put naked athletes on glossy magazine pages dropped this week. Among the notable inclusions: a 77-year-old Gary Player, Mets phenom Matt

20 Stories of the Strangest Places For A Sexual Encounter

Sometimes when you gotta do it, you gotta do it. We're all just a bunch of mammals and when an Ask Reddit thread popped up

This 8-Year-Old Girl Can Dribble a Basketball Better Than You

Never thought we'd be shown up and emasculated by and 8-year-old girl. We're embarrassed. 

Blonde Babes Weigh in on Age-Old Blondes vs. Brunettes Debate

From the looks of these pictures, they seem to have more fun. 

The Timeline of a Stage 5 Clinger

After three days, this chick is ready to move in with you. BEWARE. 

This Hula Hooping Girl Most Definitely Brings the Moves

She gets the Stevie Chay seal of approval. Which is only the highest honor. 

20 Things College Guys And Girls View Completely Differently

We're not from the same planet sometimes.