The 69 Best Free Porn Sites on the Web

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Because you need this in your life.


The 7 Things You Should Never Say To Women

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Bros, don't be boneheads and saying these douchey things to women.

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Watch Lara Croft Get Hotter and Hotter and Hotter in One Infographic


This awesome infographic, via Halloween Costumes, is ostensibly about the improved quality of video game graphics over the past two decades.

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How Can You Tell If a Bundled-Up Girl Is Actually Attractive?


Allow the dudes at MTV's Guy Code to break it down for you.

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10 Signs She’s Going Home with You After Last Call


You've closed out your tab and it's almost time to get a cab.

New York Knicks

Michelle Rodriguez Made Out with Cara Delevinge at Madison Square Garden


As the middling New York Knicks and Detroit Pistons battled it out on the court at Madison Square Garden last night, a more entertaining display was happening in the stands.


Here’s a Video of a Girl Pooping Into Her Hand Outside a Club


Can't add much to this other than it's from May and I've never seen it before, so you probably haven't either.

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Unbe-WEAVE-able Cat Fight Erupts At High School


What are they teaching kids in school these days.

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Check Out the Butt on Dwyane Wade’s Baby Mama


It's been an eventful month for Dwyane Wade.

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