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USC Song Girls Do the Ice Bucket Challenge, Everyone Wins

Is it chilly in here?

27 Very Dumb Things Men Suspect About Women

Men, it's time for you to shut up about the friendzone once and for all.

What Girls Look For When They Want to Use a Guy For Drinks

Manipulative dames.

What Girls Say They Want In the Bedroom

Ever spend your waking moments wondering what girls want in the bedroom, Bros?

A Response To All ’51 Things You Wish You Could Ask [Your Boyfriend] Without Sounding Crazy’

They had questions, we have answers.

Watch This Hot Blonde Do A Striptease For Police To Try And Stop Her Car From Being Towed

Negotiation always goes better when you have boobs.

Playboy Model Bianca Beauchamp And Her Boobs Are Really Good At Making Workout Videos

We know you need something to get you through hump day.

Miley Cyrus Posted An Instagram Photo Where She’s Topless And Only Wearing Shorts, If You’re Into That Sort Of Thing

She's just being Miley.

Bros, This SMOKING Hot Lingerie Model Just Made Her Own Dating Site So She Could Find A Boyfriend, Time To Sign Up

I think I'm in love.

What’s Up With Girls Dying Their Hair Weird Colors These Days?

Look, I get it: Chicks have been dying there hair weird colors as long as there's been Kool-Aid to make home-made dye out of.

Girls Are Petty and Terrible To Each Other On Facebook, According to SCIENCE!

Depending on your worldview, Facebook is either great or the devil incarnate.

That Belgian Fan Who Got A Modeling Contract From Cheering In The Stands? Yeah, She Kills African Animals Too

It must be a hot girl thing.

The 5 Ways Girls Are Flirting With You…That 99% Of Bros Never Pick Up On

Flirting sucks.

My Slam Is AWFUL In Bed, How Do I Tell Her Without Destroying Her Life?

Answering the important questions as always.

Bikini Model Genevieve Morton Running On The Beach In Slow Motion Is Making My Monday Suck Way Less

And by "way less" I mean "it doesn't suck at all anymore."

7 Things Ladies With Resting Bitch Face Want You To Know

They *SWEAR* they're not mad at you...

Watch This Hot Model Walk Around Topless In Public…With Only A Spray Painted T-Shirt On

Only in Europe.

How Your Girl Is Secretly Cheating On You…Without Ever Touching A Dick

You never really know, do you?

So There’s A New Video Game Where You Run Around And Tear Off People’s Clothing…And Here’s A Video Of it

I don't understand how this hasn't been made until now.

Cops In Russia Aren’t Allowed To Wear Skirts Anymore Because They Were Getting Too Short

I don't see how this is a problem.

Foolproof Tips For Having a Girl Over to Your Place for Dinner

It's the money date.

This Tampon Commercial Will Hit You Right In The Feels

But not in the Sarah McLachlan crying animal sort of way.

Belgium Soccer Fan is a Little Devil

She's no angel.

VIDEO: Could You Be Cockblocked By Her Childhood Blanket?

Blankey's seen it all.

This Video On Who Would Win On A First Date, Your Brain vs. Your Wiener, Is Hysterical

Or both could lose because you suck at girls.

Behind-the-Scenes Swimsuit Video Will Make You Want to Travel, Become Intimate With Traditionally Beautiful Women

Girls and stuff.

Lesbian Reader Wants Us to Watch Video of Her Girlfriend Twerking

And who are we to refuse to oblige.

Watch The Significantly Hotter Version Of The Lingerie Football League, But With Soccer

Less padding = less clothing.

100 Things Straight White Females Love

Totally not being stereotypical here.

Comedian Iliza Shlesinger Hilariously Explains Why Every Girl Is So Obsessed with Pinterest

If comedian Iliza Shlesinger isn't on your radar, you have no idea what you're missing out on, Bros.

This Bro Sent 32 Girls A Group Tinder Message And Got Shat On…Hard

And then poo rained upon his head for eternity...or at least a few days.

The Best Rant Ever About Girls and Their Insane Expectations

Not sure who the author of this incredible anonymous Twitter rant is, but it's 100% spot on.

Let’s Look at This Old, But Very Hot, Kate Upton Photo Shoot

You aren't doing anything else today.

The 6 Girls You’ll Meet After You Turn 21

After you turn 21 your entire life changes. You have less money, you wake up with weird bruises, you now know the joy of "morning

Why Red Lipstick Is the Best, a Photo Essay

It's a hell of a lot better than green.

Is Rihanna’s Pink Hair Doing Anything for You?

Think pink.

10 Ways All Women Are Badass

As the saying goes, "if you think women are the weaker sex, just try pulling the blankets back to your side."

Sunday Is a Good Day to Look at Ladies in Lingerie

Really, every day is a good day to do it. But today's Sunday.

What Girls Are Like Drunk vs. What Girls are Like Sober

When it comes to girls and booze, they can be Jekyll and Hyde.

Awesome New Study Says Lots of Women Are Bisexual