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Awesome New Study Says Lots of Women Are Bisexual


Let’s Celebrate Tan Line Season With Some Pictures

Nothing wrong with some tan lines.

Hot Chick Eats Ghost Pepper, Deals With Very Real Consequences

Hot things.

Jenny McCarthy and Sherri Shepherd To Go Topless On ‘The View’ Because…. ‘Girls’

"Why in the hell would BroBible post about Jenny McCarthy and Sherri Shepherd going topless?"

Why Women Are Crazy: A Men’s Guide, By a Woman

We’re a generation of “back-burners”, backup plans, and booty calls– as it appears millennial men have an irrational fear of getting “wifed-up.”

Cute Girls Taking Car Selfies Will Drive Us Into the Future

I would ride shotgun with these ladies any day of the week.

The Best Video Ever About Girls Who Are ‘Literally Dying’ Because They ‘Can’t Even’

OMG, OMG, OMG. This video from Garlic Jackson Comedy perfectly makes fun of how girls speak in 2014. "If at some point your girlfriend 'can't'

In Honor of That Taylor Swift Picture, Here Are 36 More Pictures of Girls With Gorgeous Legs

Tay was great. These girls, though, are just as good.

14 Girls You’ll Meet on Spring Break (And How to Handle Them)

Who wouldn’t want to be a bro on spring break?

Cheerleaders Lip-Syncing in Bikinis is a Nice Friday Pick-Me-Up

The performance is so hot you'll find yourself sitting through "Starships" for the first time since 2012.

5 Ways to Tell If She’s Just Not That Into You, Dude

You know what I hate? Being mean. I’m just not a mean person by nature.

Sexy Sunday Involves Photos of Hot Girls in Dresses

Yes. Yes.

EDM ‘Jumping’ Classes Are the New Batshit Crazy Thing Girls Are Doing for Fitness

This terrifies me.

Bottomless Boozy Brunches Are Now Illegal In NYC, Murray Hill Girls Can’t Even, Literally Dying

Say goodbye to those bottomless mimosas and bloody marys on Saturday and Sunday mornings. All-you-can-drink alcohol has been illegal for a [...]

35 Photos of Girls in Lingerie to End Your Weekend on a High Note

Girls are sexy. And never more so than when they are trying to look sexy. So let’s look at them, [...]

What a Girl’s Outfit at the Bar Says About Her

This is the definition of judging a book by its cover, so hear me out. I’ve worn all these ensembles [...]

Watch Kate Upton Bounce Around in Zero Gravity for the ‘SI’ Swimsuit Issue

After visiting the icy tundra of Antarctica last year, Kate Upton and Sports Illustrated had only one place left to [...]

The 25 Hottest Women from 1990 to 2009 (GIFs and Videos)

Let me start by saying that these rankings were a fucking pain to do. I originally wanted to do a [...]

10 Text Phrases That Will Leave You in the Friend Zone

A majority of women, for reasons I’ll never understand, like it when men act disinterested and treat them poorly. It’s illogical, but we have to

Ranking the Best Types of Nipples a Girl Can Have

You know that moment when you take a girl's shirt off? And her bra is still on but you're trying to be all sexy with foreplay

The Season Premiere of ‘Girls’ Reviewed By a Guy Who Has Never Seen the Show

I'm bad at watching TV series. It's not that I don't own a television of have some moral high horse about people who

It’s No Time to Get Nostalgic in This Week’s Hottie Index

We’ve only got a few weeks left in 2013, so you’re probably getting a little nostalgic if your Facebook page is generating the 20 best moments of

7 Glorious Attributes Fat Guys Can Use to Get Laid

Since the dawn of time, there has been a vicious struggle going on for a certain group of bros. Jiggly bros have fought an uphill

This Week’s Hottie Index is Low on Hijinks, but High on Looks

We have a saying here at the Hottie Index. When in doubt about what to cover, focus on the looks.

There are Types for Every Bro in This Week’s Hottie Index

Every man has different tastes in women.

10 Absolutely True Ways Girls Change from College to Their Mid-20s

It's been four years now since I graduated college. In those four years I've transformed from an immature, alcohol-abusing, degenerate-gambling, recklessly irresponsible smartass into an

Sorry Guys: There Is No Such Thing as a ‘Female Tucker Max’

In about a month, my life might change. A year after I signed with United Talent Agency, I am a few

25 Greatest College Party Movies Ever

School is back and that can only mean one thing for all you Bro’s out there, Party!

Dear Sorority Girls, Stop Being a Puss About Asking Guys to Formal

I'm not sure if anyone knows this, but at one time in my life I was actually in a sorority. Yeah,

How To Own 3 Common TEXTING Scenarios with Women

​Since this is such a popular topic, I’ve finally decided to put together a small eBook about texting. Today’s article will

The Weekly Review is a Fan of Sunbathing Nude

What is everyone talking about? This stuff.

How Soon Will She Let You Bang Her?

Knowing how soon a girl is willing to sleep with you is incredibly important, especially if you’re agenda is to bang 50 chicks by the

The 5 Conversations You Will Definitely Have With Girls During Spring Break

And on the 8th day, God invented Spring Break to test your body’s alcohol consumption limits and to see how many girls you can convince

10 Breeds of Terrible Chicks You’ll Encounter Online and How to Avoid Them

Breaking news out of Skanksville college girls are whoring themselves out to wealthy, old men in order to assuage their out-of-control spending habits. The breaking

A Guide to Hate-Watching HBO’s ‘Girls’

It’s impossible not to hear about, almost on a daily basis. The encapsulation of “our generation,” perpetuated by a liberal arts graduate who grew up

8 Ways to Make Your Girlfriend Hate You Less

You single motherfuckers don’t understand how easy you have it. Your only concern is falling ass-backwards into some strange and remembering the sordid details when

What a Girl’s Facebook Profile Pic Says About Her

A profile picture says a lot about character, similar to how a guy who wears Asics with jeans to a bar is likely still a

Should You Stay Single in College or Should You Be in a Relationship?

There are few issues that deserve to be addressed more than this one. Hell, we get this question from Bros all the time, looking for

Hooking Up With a College Girl Might Be Harder Than We Previously Thought

This is terrible news for many of you. Don’t shoot the messenger.

Why Women Fake Orgasms, Plus 4 More Female Mysteries Explained

I could probably write a dissertation about this but I’ll try to narrow it down. Women are mysterious. This quality plays into our sex appeal