rob gronkowski

Rob Gronkowski: ‘Sometimes Chicks Are Crazy … I Don’t Got A Girlfriend’


Every single thing Rob Gronkowski has ever done suggests he's not the type to settle down with just one woman.


Bro Gets Girlfriend Sketched As Disney Princesses For Valentine’s Day, Is Going To Have LOTS Of Sex This Weekend

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Bros: Tomorrow is Valentine's Day, which means those of you with girlfriends have a solid couple of hours to get wine and chocolates and buy flowers and make dinner reservations to a place that's not Applebees.

fifty shades of grey

Why ’50 Shades Of Grey’ Is Going To Ruin Lives If You Have A Girlfriend


I don't know what this whole Fifty Shades Of Grey thing is about.


How To Win Over Your Girlfriend’s Family WITHOUT Looking Like A Jackass


Ah, the coveted approval of your girlfriend’s family; there are few things in life that seem so trivial and yet are of utmost importance.

crazy girlfriends

This Is What It Would Look Like If Your Girlfriend Was ACTUALLY Crazy


It is my belief that at least once in every adult heterosexual male's life he has uttered the words, "My girlfriend is crazy.


A Bro’s Guide to Gift Giving: Girlfriend Edition


Hey dumbass, how many days until Valentine’s Day.

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