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Girls Reveal The Things They Absolutely Hate About Their Boyfriends

Bros: If you find a girlfriend who watches twerking videos with you, marry her.

Is Your Girl Being A Bitch? Send Her This Happy Video That’ll Either Cheer Her Up Or Send Her Into A Murderous Rage

It's a 50/50 shot here.

5 Reasons Why You Should NEVER Move In With Your Girlfriend

Moving in together is a terrible idea. Here's why.

Rory McIlroy’s New Girlfriend Might Be the Hottest Golf WAG on the Planet

Well, that didn't take long.

Awkward Conversations Every Man Has with His Girlfriend’s Best Friends

Why is meeting your girlfriend's best friend always the most awkward thing ever? It's probably because she's already told her everything there is to know

How Your Girl Is Secretly Cheating On You…Without Ever Touching A Dick

You never really know, do you?

5 Steps To Getting Your Girlfriend Back After She Caught You Cheating, According To A Girl

Sometimes this stuff happens, but you might be able to fix it.

Is My Girlfriend Crazy or Am I Being Kind of a Douche?

All right guys, pull up a chair and let Dr. Meg diagnose your girlfriend, ex, or booty call.

What Should You Do When Your Best Friend’s Girl Is a Total BITCH?

There has not been a better team since Goose and Maverick, but then a dark ominous cloud appears and threatens to eclipse your entire friendship

The Girl Who Promised to Make Her Boyfriend 300 Sandwiches Got Engaged After Making 257 Sandwiches

Back in September, we told you about a New York Post writer Stephanie Smith, who promised to make her boyfriend 300 sandwiches in exchange for

How to Get Your Girlfriend To Agree To A Threesome, According to a Girl

Trying to get your girl to go for a threesome can be about as simple as negotiating peace in the Middle East.

6 Reasons To Be Happy When Your Girlfriend Poops

But everyone knows that girls don't poop, right? Right? *crickets*

The 8 Lies Your Girlfriend Tells You

We’re all guilty of telling white lies. Like when your girl comes out wearing a maxi dress that looks like […]

Will You Be My Girlfriend? (Update)

Last week I posted my requirements for my future girlfriend and lots of people are giving me shit over it.

Will You Be My Girlfriend? (No, Seriously, See Criteria Below)

I'm a 29-year-old male and I’ve been single for a while.

5 Survey Results Proving Girls Are Cooler with Adult Films Than We Give Them Credit For

The other day we received an email from webcam site Cam4 about a survey they commissioned a French company to […]

A Comprehensive Guide to Shit You Actually Should Hide From Your Girlfriend

Just from typing the title I can hear chicks getting on their defensive grind and being all "OMG that is SO f-ed up I am

5 Ways to Break Up with Your Girlfriend Without Hurting Her Feelings

85% of articles on the Internet about how to breakup with a girl are not truly honest. This one, however, is... 

Obsessed Gamer Girl Really, Really Hates the Campers In ‘Battlefield 4’

// If you've played Battlefield 4 or any other first-person shooter online, you know EXACTLY what a camper is. Hardcore -- and even plenty of casual -- gamers

Why Bros Need to Stop Bitching About Friends with Girlfriends

I don't think I can count the number of articles written towards college-age men that talk about how you shouldn't have a girlfriend in college.

50 Ways To Be The Perfect College Girlfriend

Ladies, this is how to do it right... 

What You Need to Know About Moving in With Your Girlfriend

Roughly one month ago I decided to take my talents to the Upper East Side (“The Decision” was like 3 years ago, bro, let it

Bro Leaves Epic Morning After Note Under the Toilet Seat About a Cheating Girlfriend

Props to this Bro for figuring out how to perfectly inform this girl's boyfriend about his lady's cheating. Like a boss, he taped it UNDER

5 Tips on How to Break Up with Your Girlfriend Before College Starts Back Up

If you’re going off to school for the first time or are returning as a senior, you most likely will want to start the year

5 Exes Even Crazier Than Yours

Yeah, yeah, we've heard it all before: "No, seriously dude, my ex is CRAZY." And maybe you're right. Just remember that no matter how much

Let’s Listen to a Song Called ‘Your Girlfriend Is A C*nt’

This song, now making the rounds, is "an Emily Carter original. For Jon.…" We can only imagine Jon must have wronged her somehow, but I'm

How to Get a Girlfriend in 17 Steps

OK, first you have to stop saying "I need a girlfriend" all the time. That ain't Bro at all...

5 Reasons To Be Friends With Her Gay BFF

He holds her hand and calls her by pet names. He even takes her on "date nights," but you're not jealous, because he's not straight.

10 Things Your Girlfriend Says and What She Actually Means

Women are fascinating creatures with all their feelings, their advanced emotional capacity and their secret woman bat signals that NO MAN

Bro Pranks His Girlfriend in an Epic Floury Manner

When posed with this kind of opportunity he kind of HAD to do it. 

17 Filthy Things to Do to Your Girlfriend While She Sleeps

Let’s be honest here. As men, we spend a tremendous amount of time suppressing deviant thoughts. It’s exhausting to keep the devil inside at bay,

What to Do When Your Longtime Girlfriend Doesn’t Want to Have Sex, Plus the Exact Opposite of That!

Submit your Ask a Babe questions here.

‘Did You Just Look at That Girl’s Ass?’: A Short Video About Being a Bad Boyfriend

Men "just do that sometimes." 

Chris Webber Offers a Hilarious Commentary About a Bro Who Won’t Give His Girlfriend Ice Cream

At half-time of the Magic-Pacers game, television cameras found a dude in the crowd who wouldn't share his mint chocolate chip ice cream cone with

Every Fan’s Girlfriend: College Basketball


5 Ways to Get Your Girlfriend Into Baseball

I have been a Yankees fan since I was five years old. I have scared the shit out of guys with my stat rat knowledge

Ranking the 20 Hottest New York Yankees’ WAGs of All Time

Life doesn't get much better for professional athletes. They spend their free time partying like rockstars and eating like kings while the rest of us

6 Tips for Meeting Your Girlfriend’s Father for the First Time

Meeting her parents is the relationship line of demarcation that separates “some girl I’m boning” from “Jessica, the girl I bone.” Introducing a girl to

5 Naughty Gifts Your Girlfriend Will Love

Has your girlfriend been naughty or nice this year? There’s no way a bro would get himself into a monogamous relationship and slap the girlfriend

Bro Pranks Other Guys By Accusing Them Of Looking At His Girlfriend

I'm going to be honest here. Usually, when I post a video that is over 3-minutes long and doesn't involve a knockout or a critical