signs girlfriend is cheating

10 Signs Your Girlfriend Is Cheating On You


Your dick might not be the only thing she's riding.

what to get for dinner

Deciding what to eat with your girlfriend is a nightmare


There's little more obnoxious to agreeing to get food with your girlfriend only to have her reject every type of food on the planet.

stalker girlfriend meme

New Meme You Should Know: Overly Attached Girlfriend


In today's New Meme You Should Know we take a look at Overly Attached Girlfriend.


8 people you do NOT want to get stuck in an elevator with

By | 3 Comments

Much like road rage can make even the sweetest person completely lose it, the thought of having to share a confined space with a stranger suddenly turns us all into pricks.

girls girls girls

A Bro Asks: If I Have Drinks with My Ex, Do I Have to Tell My Current Girlfriend?


This is the latest installment of Ask A Bro with Waffles McButter.


NSFW-ish: 15 Hot Pictures Of Kiana Kim, Pete Rose’s 29 Year Old WAG


[inline:1] Four years ago I ran into Major League Baseball's disgraced all-time hit leader Pete Rose signing autographs in Caesars Palace casino in Las Vegas.


NSFW-ish: Chuck Liddell Works Out Naked With Hot Girlfriend (Allegedly)


[inline:1] We just stumbled across this video of former MMA superstar Chuck Liddell working out in the nekked at The Big Lead.


HIV-Positive Guy Needed to Help Another Guy Break Up with His Girlfriend


[inline:1] If you're looking for an innovative way to break up with your current girlfriend, check out this funny Craigslist ad.


Dingers, Lippers, and Gals—Part 2


[inline:dingers 2] Click here to read Part 1.

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