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Should You Throw Down For Your Lady?

Hey, hey. It's Ask a Babe.

Girl Talk, Freeway and Waka Flocka Flame Video for ‘Tolerated’ Is Off the Chain Hard

Damn dudes.

The 2014 Firefly Lineup Is Sure to Pair Nicely with the Drugs You Plan on Taking There

Heck, the announcement video itself is so good you should get stoned to watch it (it was produced by the White Panda).

Check Out ‘Girl Talk’s Halloween Playlist’ Presented By Hornitos

We all know Girl Talk can throw one hell of a party; add tequilla into the mix and there's no telling what might happen. Girl

Girl Talk’s 154-Track Backyard BBQ Playlist, Minus a Few Here and There

Earlier today the Pittsburgh mashup DJ Gir Talk got together with New York Magazine's Vulture blog to bring you the perfect summer backyard BBQ playlist.

Girl Talk Releases New Free Album, ‘All Day,’ on Web

Girl Talk sent the Internet into a frenzy this morning with a surprise release of his fifth album, All Day. The entry surpasses 2008’s Feed