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Girl Fight Ends When One Gets A Completely Rearranged Nose

I'd rather be on the business end of a non-lethal shovel to the back of the head 10 times out of 10 than having my

Girl Fight Breaks Out in a Trenton NJ Diner, Men Refuse to Stop it Because ‘Ass and Titties’

Just as our boy Krum finished paying his respects to all things diners, this collection of worthless, diner-disrespecting human debris came flying into our Inbox.

Hot Drunk Chicks Trade Blows in Jacksonville as Moron Chants, ‘WorldStar, WorldStar…’

1) Shut up with the fucking WorldStar shit. We ALL know the site exists. 2) Flip your camera around, you worthless motherfucker. It's 2013, by

Here Are Two Hotties Brawling at the US Open of Surfing

There are actual Jerry Springer chants in this video. That is still a thing.

Chicks in Sundresses Engage in Epic Catfight at Nashville Steeplechase

Things got pretty heated at this weekend’s Iroquois Steeplechase in Nashville. Words were exchanged, punches were thrown, and women in sundresses revealed a lot about

This is One of the Finer Chick Fights of All Time

This fight has everything.

This Girl Roommate Feud On Reddit Is Pretty Entertaining

Ah, roommates. They can either bring out the best or worst in a person. This one falls under the latter. Redditor fairyfoolish uploaded this exchange

When Fat Chicks Fight at Denny’s Everyone Wins

No clue how this started. And really, who cares? Details like that don't matter. What does matter, however, is that once the abominable pile of

Check Out This Cat Fight at the 2012 Mifflin Block Party

No idea what these two UW ladies are brawling over, but first guess is that Patrick Kane must have something to do with

Cat Fight Brawl in Atlantic City’s Tropicana Hotel

These chicks are likely carriers of disease and complete bags of trash but upon further review I'd f*ck every one of them. And

Video: The Best Girl Fight You’ll See Today

I have a few things to say about this video. The first is just a general comment to ladies everywhere: if it looks like your