12 gifts you should never, EVER buy for new parents


  A child is born and the immediate response from everyone close to proud new parents is "WE MUST BUY A GIFT RIGHT NOW.


Man tries to jump over river…NOPE [GIFs]


You see, what had happened was.

Holiday gifts

10 Ridiculous Items from the 2013 Gift Guide for Billionaires


The Robb Report is kind of like the Sears Wishbook for the.


How to Avoid Giving Your Booty Call a Valentine’s Day Gift


The line between girlfriend and booty call is often blurry in a chick’s mind so that girl you’ve been bringing home the past few weekends may be expecting something special come Valentine’s Day – the holiday everyman wishes he could ignore but sadly can’t.

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Apps as gifts: How to do it and who to do it for


One of the inevitable problems of any holiday season is the fact that we have to buy gifts for people we either barely know, actively dislike, or both.

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