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5 Naughty Gifts Your Girlfriend Will Love

Has your girlfriend been naughty or nice this year? There’s no way a bro would get himself into a monogamous relationship and slap the girlfriend

Betches Love This Thinks Our Gift Guide For Your Girlfriend Sucks

Maybe it does? What the hell do we know, we're just a bunch of dumb dudes. I mean, they would know, right? Right? Hello? From

The 10 Best Gifts for Any Bro’s Dad

The holidays are near. You should get your old man something nice. Something that will be a thanks for all the times he played catch

10 Gift Ideas Guaranteed to Get You Laid… Plus a Few That Definitely Won’t

‬Editor’s Note: Not counting yesterday’s egg muffin maker from Wal-Mart, this is the first part of our Holiday Gift Guide. Tomorrow we’ll present more than

Gift Guide Sneak Peek: Help Your Girlfriend Make You the Perfect Egg Muffins at Home

Our gift guide is coming out tomorrow but an old friend of the site, known to some as Maslow, just sent me what egg lovers