Johnny Manziel apparently teaches aerobics when he’s hungry


And so it begins, the Johnny Manziel professional marketing era has begun.

south african swimsuit models

Genevieve Morton and her modeling friends bouncing around on the beach makes us ‘Happy’


I don't know who Genevieve Morton's friends are, but she and they are welcome to come to any beach near me and do this bikini dance to Pharrell's "Happy" anytime.


A naked Chelsea Handler was confronted by Ellen in the shower on the ‘Chelsea Lately’ finale


Half of Hollywood came out for the Chelsea Lately finale last night, but the true highlight was when Ellen Degeneres confronted a naked Chelsea Handler in the shower to ask why she'd never been on the show.

red bull racing

Coolest thing you’ll see today: Video of an F1 race car filmed using an infrared camera


All I can say after watching this video of the Infiniti Red Bull Racing F1 race car being filmed using an infrared camera is why don't we have like a thousand more videos like this.

Taylor Swift isolated vocals video

Taylor Swift’s isolated vocals from her VMA performance are, ummm, not good


Last night Taylor Swift ushered in her new pop music direction by performing "Shake It Off" live at the MTV Video Music Awards.

UK babes

Emily Ratajkowski made a very hot, very sensuous new video for ‘Ocean Drive’


Emily Ratajkowski could do just about anything and we'd watch, so it makes it even better when she does things like make sexy behind the scenes videos like this new one for Ocean Drive magazine.

how old is Hayden Panettiere

25 awesome Hayden Panettiere GIFs to celebrate her 25th birthday today


Hayden Panettiere may be pregnant with a child who might just enter the world larger than her thanks to her fiancé, but we still have these classic pre-pregnancy memories of her to help celebrate our favorite "Hero" turning 25 today.

UK Twerking Championships

Something called the UK Twerking Championships happened; here are the highlights


The fact that there are now actually Twerking Championships kind of scares me a little, but this one in the UK where the winner earned the right to tour with Nicki Minaj.

UK babes

Sexy British actress Helen Flanagan bounces around in bras for your viewing pleasure


I don't know how the UK does it, but it seems like they have way more hot ladies on their TVs than we do.

tornado selfie

Watch a crazy person drive up to a tornado so he can take a selfie


Either this video of a guy driving out to a tornado to take a selfie is the greatest, dumbest, most insane selfie ever taken or it's the fakest thing ever faked, but done really damn well.