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These X-Ray GIFs Are So Freakin’ Cool.

And I can't stop watching them.

I Can’t Stop Watching This GIF of a Bro Taking Shots Off a Treadmill

Now THIS is how you take shots, ladies and gentlemen.

Blue Jay’s Bautista Bag Tags Buddy (GIF)

Say that five times fast.

This GIF of Amber Lancaster Stripping From ‘The Hard Times of RJ Berger’ Needs to Live Forever

God bless her parents for fornicating.

Mario Balotelli Just Luigi’ed

This is a post about a soccer.

I Can’t Stop Watching This Impossible Pole Vaulting-Gymnastics Routine


Man Catches Foul Ball While Holding a Baby

Good grab.

Somehow a GIF of Natalie Dormer Eating an Apple Is Sexy

It's like Game of Thrones if Game of Thrones were about eating fruit.

Happy 4/20! We’ve Complied Some Great GIFs to Look at While High

Trippy GIFs. Trifs.

ESPN’s Cameras Captured the Very Moment a Bunch of Phillies Bros Had Their Souls Crushed

Oh dear.

Previously on “Mad Men”: Ken’s Pass to Joan Sailed Hilariously Wide

Juuuuust a bit outside.

This Emma Watson GIF Will Blow Your Mind and Melt Your Face

Most maddneing, batshit insane GIF on the Internet today.

Things That Bounce Thursday Is BACK! 12 HOTTTT GIFS

Bros... Today is the greatest day ever. Our friends at The Chive just brought "Things That Bounce Thursday" back.

The Bro Code, Summarized By the Longest GIF Ever

Bro code 101: Always have a fellow Bros back. Then go get beers together.

MeatSpin dot com Is Dead. RIP MeatSpin

It's a dark day on the internet.

GAME OVER, INTERNET: This Is the HOTTEST Yoga Pants GIF of All Time

OMG OMG OMG OMG.... So simple, yet so seductive and elegant.

Mesmerizing GIF Shows Every Ball Used in World Cup Since 1930

Look how shitty soccer balls were back in the day!

Here Is a GIF of Jennifer Lawrence Falling Down, Which We, as an Internet Website, Are Required by Law to Post

Social contract type shit.

This Is Easily The Best Butt Check a Hockey Goalie Has Ever Thrown (GIF)

This is Slovakian goalie Jan Laco earning a penalty for some aggressive ass play. It’s a delight to watch. Russia, […]

This Delightful GIF Makes It Appear That Jaromir Jagr Is Getting a Rub-and-Tug

A little late on this, unfortunately, but is a GIF this good ever really out of place? No. The answer […]

I Can’t Stop Watching This ‘Star Wars’ Olympic Skiing GIF

Shut it down, you guys. This is the GIF of these Olympic Games. I don’t care if someone extinguishes the […]

Best Moment of the Winter Olympics So Far Is This INSANE Luge Save (GIF)

OK, NOW I’m excited for the Sochi Olympics. Indian luger Shiva Keshavan pulled off one of the most insane recoveries on […]

Lauren Conrad Was Asked What Her Favorite Position Is; Her Answer Is Great

The whole “what’s your favorite sex position?” question gets asked ALL. THE. TIME. in celebrity interviews, especially when a celebrity […]

Amazing GIF of Justin Bieber’s Mugshot Proves that Bieber and Miley Cyrus Are the Same Person

The Illuminati is real. The Illuminati is real. The Illuminati is real. The Illuminati is real. The Illuminati is real. The Illuminati is real. The Illuminati is real. I CAN'T UNSEE THIS.

This GIF of Jennifer Lawrence Photoboming Taylor Swift Is GREAT

Now THIS is how you troll Taylor Swift. Kudos to Jennifer Lawrence for this epic photobomb of Taylor Swift while T-swizzle yammed it up with

Just a GIF of Allie LaForce Raising the Roof, Because Bros Can’t Get Enough of Allie LaForce

This GIF is from last year's March Madness, but whatever. Bros are STILL talking about Allie LaForce after her primetime performance on the sidelines of

Colin Kaepernick Just Trolled Cam Newton With This TD Celebration (GIF)

That is the Superman celebration made famous by... Superman, but then later made famous by Cam Newton. 

Who’s Superman Now? Ahmad Brooks Goes Flying Over Cam Newton (GIF)

This is how you don't time a snap count. 

Here’s an Awesome GIF of Marshawn Lynch Getting Showered with Skittles After Scoring a Touchdown

We all know that BEAST MODE loves Skittles, so the 12th man at CenturyLink Field rewarded him with his favorite treat after scoring a touchdown. We should note

These 10 GIFs of Hot Chicks Butts In Yoga Pants Will Substantially Increase Your Quality of Life

These lovely GIFs come to us courtesy of our friends over at Girls In Yoga Pants. God bless them and their unyielding pursuit to find hot booties

Buffalo Bills Mascot Destroys Youth Football Quarterback With Dirtiest Play Imaginable

I’ve been watching this on repeat for 15 minutes and I’m no closer to understanding it than when I first started. What I see is

Andy Dalton Nailed a Cheerleader Today

... with a football. 

If You Are Not Paying Attention, the Seahawks’ Red Bryant Will EFF YOU UP

The Seahawks' Red Bryant runs 6' 4" and 323 pounds.  

Is This the Most Ridiculous Interception In NFL History?

Pure jokes, you guys. Pure jokes. Vikings quarterback Matt Cassel tried to go deep to wide receiver Jerome Simpson. Except rather than falling in Simpson's arms,

I Can’t Stop Watching This GIF of Mitt Romney Ironing His Suit While Wearing It

This man was almost president. Go firmly in the direction of your dreams, kids. Almost anything is possible.

Woman Taken Out By Football Player in This Rube Goldberg-esque GIF

This is a delightful chain reaction that leaves us smiling. 

Is This Beer Pong Golf GIF the Most Bro GIF of All Time?

Yes. Yes it is. Redditor viperboy97 recently uploaded this fantastic GIF of his beer pong hole-in-one. He confirms this was done with a regulation ping-pong ball. The

Babe Ruth Swinging Penis GIF? Yes, Babe Ruth Swinging Penis GIF

"That guy had a hog," pronounced my roommate upon seeing this.

Ever Wonder What Jennifer Lawrence Looks Like Before/After Being Photoshopped?

Don't worry, Jennifer Lawrence. We know you're perfect and don't have to have Kanye defend you from being a Photoshop-loving Hobbit. This GIF making the

The Miami Dolphins Just Had a Field Goal Derp for the Ages