weapons porn

Green Berets at Ft. Bragg Firing Heavy Weapons In Slow-Motion Is Absolute Freedom Porn


Bros, be prepared to having a raging freedom broner the likes of which can only be induced by watching the most badass heavy weapons on the planet being fired in slow-mo HD.


This Chubby Corgi Puppy Couldn’t Be Any More Basic, Is Obsessed With Pumpkins


The narrative of being 'basic' meaning that a person is freakishly obsessed with pumpkins is getting a bit tired, but you can't deny this corgi puppy is obsessed, and that does in fact make him basic.


The Most Fantastic Faceplant Compilation Video You’ll See All Week


You know what's almost as funny as seeing someone get hit in the nuts (aka the absolute height of comedy).

playboy models

Watch Playboy Model Amanda Cerny Be Turned Into A Human Sundae… In Mesmerizing Slow Motion


For those of you unfamiliar with Playboy model Amanda Cerny, the star of this wonderful video, may I refer you to some of her previous work, an utterly astonishing workout video that she shared on her ridiculously hot Instagram account awhile back.

jennifer lopez

The Most Definitive Compilation Of Jennifer Lopez Booty You Will Ever See


Jennifer Lopez is known for many things, but one thing in particular rises above the rest when her name is brought up in any conversation: girl might have the most famous butt this side of Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj.

workout videos

Get Ready For Your Head To Explode: Playboy Model Bianca Beauchamp Made Another Workout Video


Bianca Beauchamp, who you may remember from such videos as "Bianca Beauchamp Shared The Greatest Workout Video Ever Posted To Instagram" and "Playboy Model Bianca Beauchamp And Her Boobs Are Really Good At Making Workout Videos," is back with yet another workout video that is going to ROCK YOUR WORLD.

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