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Family Thinks Their House Is Haunted, Except Wait IT’S JUST A TEN FOOT PYTHON

I'd rather have a ghost, honestly.

This Pennsylvania News Crew Was Attacked By Ghosts In What Might ACTUALLY Be A Legit Haunted House

Don't believe in ghosts? Well you do now.

Watch Emma Stone Talk To David Letterman About Ghostly Ectoplasm-Crusted Quarters


So Is This a Ghost Haunting a Bolivian Soccer Match?

So what say you? Is this an apparition?

GhostSingles.com Is a Dating Website for Ghosts

Today has been a weird day (so far): there was this dude who fucks cars, Rory McIlroy dumped The Woz over a photo of him sleeping,

Iowa Baseball Players Say Their House is Haunted, Ghosts Are Stealing Panties Left and Right

Iowa baseball leads the nation in paranormal activity.

SyFy Dedicates Show to Haunted Penn Frat House, Doesn’t Realize ‘Ghost’ Was Just Drunk Kids

Last night, the Syfy channel aired an episode of one of its many idiotic ghost-hunting shows, "School Spirits." You can probably guess what the show's