This ‘Ghost On The Subway’ Prank Is Legitimately The Most Messed Up Thing You’ll See Today


It’s one thing to pull a light prank on someone and then pop out and say “Ha-ha fooled you.


For $368 You Can Be The Stupid Owner Of A ‘Haunted’ 2007 Apple Macbook That Some Guy Is Selling On Ebay


Most people would only be willing to shell out little more than $10 for a laptop that’s almost a decade old, and yet here we have 59 bidders who are trying to become the new proud owners of a 2007 Apple Macbook.


This Girl Joined Tinder Pretending To Be A Ghost, Said Weird Ghost-Shit To Guys And They STILL Hit On Her

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The best ideas always pop into your head when you’re drowning in an exhaustion-induced hazed, aka during finals week.


This Couple Claims A Horny Sex-Obsessed Ghost Tried To Ruin Their Marriage


I usually try to avoid writing about ghosts / hauntings and what-not because most of the stories are stupid.

ghosts in america

According to this, 1 in 3 Americans are morons


According to this video, 1 in 3 Americans actually believe in ghosts.

Video Game

Oklahoma ghost hunters trolled by ‘Portal’ fans


Apparently after you die you just get to play video games all day.

Ghosts Is a Dating Website for Ghosts


Today has been a weird day (so far): there was this dude who fucks cars, Rory McIlroy dumped The Woz over a photo of him sleeping, a motorcycle hijacker got shot on camera, and now.

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