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3 Cool Ways To Get Your Drink On This Summer

Any sucker can pound tea vodka, ice-cold Fireball shots, or shot-gun Bud Lights.

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Since today is a day that ends in "y" we figure you're probably readying yourself to get drunk, if you already aren't. Here is a

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Hate that feeling you get in the morning after a long night of drinking? No, not the feeling of regret once you remember you went

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By now the east coast is sick of hearing about this little slut they're calling Hurricane Sandy. If you haven't already heard, now is a

Science Tells Us How We Get Drunk

So here I was, thinking that me getting drunk had something to do with how many pinnies and backwards hats I wore in a given

Breaking Down the Inevitable Four Loko Rap Video

Four Loko. Those two words stir up fond memories of lack of memories. Lately Loko has been all the noise and rage: Chicks across college