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This Is What Life Is Like For The Man With A 7-Pound, 9-Inch, Artificially-Enhanced Penis


There is a man living in Germany walking around with a 9-inch-long, 3-inch-wide penis.


Watch This Guy Breakdance With Fireworks Attached To His Feet And Somehow Magically NOT Blow Himself Up


If you’ve ever sat down and tried to think of and then implement the most dangerous yet Youtube-worthy stunt to do, you’ve obviously failed because you never came up with the idea of attaching fireworks to your feet.


This Guy Joined Tinder As Hitler And CHICKS ACTUALLY SWIPED RIGHT.


All these Tinder stories about epic icebreakers and crazy revenge make me wish I still had a Tinder…but then again not because I have horrendous taste in men.

Tropical Islands Resort

German water park built inside military blimp hanger is übermensch of theme parks


Can anyone tell me why we haven't reappropriated more of our world's defunct military bases in to glorious water parks.

World Cup

This Seemingly Pro-Argentina Cake Is Hiding a Dark Secret


Was it over when the Germans hid under the frosting.

World Cup 2014

Angry Brazil fan videobombs broadcast with ‘suck my dick Germany’


There's a chance this is fake and there's a chance I laughed for 15 straight minutes.

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