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This Seemingly Pro-Argentina Cake Is Hiding a Dark Secret

Was it over when the Germans hid under the frosting?

Germany’s World Cup Trophy Reveal Was Pretty Boss

Seven nation army.

David Hasselhoff’s Reaction to Germany Winning the World Cup Did Not Disappoint

He can't fight this feeling.

Average Joe Wins World Cup of Sitting Next to Disrobing German Babes


Germany Celebrated Winning the World Cup by Hanging With Rihanna

Goals and cleats excite her.

Two German Players Took a Post-World Cup Championship Selfie


Mario Götze Scored an Absolute Beaut of a Goal to Win the World Cup

His control was fantastic.

Here’s the Vicious Knee Kick That Earned Benedikt Höwedes a Yellow Card

Could have been a red.

Someone Erased All The Brazil Players Out Of The Brazil V. Germany World Cup Match…And The Game Plays The Same

Just adding some insult to injury over here.

Germany Joins the ‘Fuck Her Right in the Pussy’ Party After Guy Screams It on Live TV

Here we go again!

Brazilian Captain David Luiz Wept Through His Entire Post-Match Interview

And here come the waterworks.

Here’s All Five Of Germany’s First-Half Goals In A Six Second Video

Sucks to suck.

People on Twitter Are Already Comparing Brazil-Germany to the Holocaust (Updating)


Germany Refuses to Stop Murdering Brazil and It’s Ugly

Sweet mother of God.

Thomas Müller Scored for Germany Because Brazil Left Him Wide Open

Bad defense.

Watch This World Cup Reporter Shit Bricks When A Drunk German Dude Tongues All Over Her Face

Now THIS is hard-hitting journalism.

Insane Germany Kid at World Cup Has Had WAY Too Much Sugar

Easy, Bro.

Cristiano Ronaldo Scores Crucial Goal, Becomes Newest American Hero

Thanks, buddy.

Soldier Watching USA-Germany Match Refuses to Loosen Grip on Assault Rifle for Even a Second

He's ready.

Captain America Is At the USA-Germany Match

A true fan.

The United States-Germany Match Should Probably Just Be Played on Noah’s Ark

So much water.

Germany Coach Joachim Loew Consoles Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo By Passing Him a Booger


World Cup Cameraman Heroically Finds Super-Hot German Babe

Hey girl.

The German Version of “How I Met Your Mother” Sounds Much Better


Farting Cows Are Setting Europe Ablaze

BREAKING: BERLIN, GERMANY, JANUARY 27, 2014: A bovian blitzkrieg has hit the German mainland, setting the countryside ablaze. 

9-Year-Old German Kid Scores Insane Goal

This kid is 9. If he’s twice as good at 18, he’ll make everyone forget Lionel Messi. If he’s three times as good at 27,

Meanwhile in Germany… Bestiality Brothels Are Becoming a Thing, Because of Course They Are

Can I tell ya something? I'll eat old McDonald's entire fucking farm without batting an eye, but that is where I draw the line with

Germany Allowed an Atrocious Own Goal Against the United States

The United States and Germany played an international friendly yesterday in Washington D.C. Our European adversaries took the friendliness to a new and hilarious level

Einradhockey Will Provide You With the Hockey Fix You Need

Finally a sport for someone who loves antiquated forms of travel, old-timey gymnasiums and street hockey.

I Want to Go River Surfing in Munich, Germany So Bad Right Now

So this looks FUN. I've posted videos of surfers shredding the Muinch's famous "Eisbach" man-made river before, but this video from Stoke Travel shows just how

Bro in Michigan Lax Shirt Chugs Two Liters of Beer Back-to-Back at Oktoberfest

Ah, studying abroad—that time in many a college kid's life when he travels to live in a foreign land in order to gain a broader

This is What it Looks Like When a 550-Pound World War II Bomb Explodes

The German city of Munich was faced with a difficult question on Tuesday. What do you do with an undetonated, 550-pound bomb leftover from World

Drunk German Soccer Fans Cheer on Woman Attempting to Parallel Park

Yep, it’s as great as you imagined.

Mario Balotelli Scored Two Fantastic Goals as Italy Advanced to the Euro Finals

Mario Balotelli scored two goals as Italy advanced to the Euro 2012 finals with a 2-1 victory over Germany.

Michigan State, UConn to Open Season on Germany’s Ramstein Air Base

Michigan State athletic director Mark Hollis never met a stunt he didn’t like.

Euro 2012: Five Questions About Greece-Germany

Portugal dispatched Czech Republic rather easily in the first quarterfinal, and we can only hope the next three matches are more exciting. Portugal outshot their

D*ckish German Soccer Fans Point Out Opposing Team’s Goal With Arrows

Madgeburg fans were fed up with their club’s inability to score, so they decided to be super-helpful and point out where the goal

Waiter Spills Beer All Over German Chancellor Angela Merkel

The first inclination here is to blame the waiter for dumping beer on his country’s leader. After all, that’s really not something a

Angry German Fans Throw Feces at a Soccer Match… And I Defend Them

Germany-based publication The Local is claiming that things got pretty heated at a soccer match between FC Koln and Schalke 04 recently. So much so

Watch Dirk Nowitzki’s Triumphant Return to Germany

The NBA Finals MVP's world tour rolls on. Take note of all those cheerleaders in the crowd...