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Watch This World Cup Reporter Shit Bricks When A Drunk German Dude Tongues All Over Her Face

Now THIS is hard-hitting journalism.

This Is How Drunken Germans Get Their Wasted Buddy Home In the Snow

Don’t be fooled by the title of this video: Though it says “drunk Russians,” it’s really a bunch of drunk […]

Science is Working to Ensure Beer Survives the Apocalypse

The end of the world may be near, but if science gets its way, we'll still be able to brew beer afterward.

Check Out This Awesome German Showing a Badass Way to Open Beer

We want to know everything about these guys. And, of course, party with them too.

Why Are German Soldiers Growing Boobs?

These German soldiers aren't boobs, so why are they growing them?

German Guy Attempts to Jump Into Pool That Is a SOLID BRICK OF ICE

I think I want to launch a new website called IdiotsCatsAndPorn.com: a one stop shop of everything people seem to love on the Internet. No