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Would You Blow $230,000 For A German Shepherd Guard Dog That Can Understand 3 Languages? Because I Wouldn’t


Look, if you’re so concerned about the security of your home that you’re willing to blow $230,000 on a highly-trained super watchdog rather than just figure out how to make a couple of pipe bombs with $30 and a trip to Home Depot, you’ve got way too much money on your hands.

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Proof That Only Dogs Are Able To TRULY Appreciate Adam Levine’s High-Pitched Wailing


We've all been subjected to Adam Levine's glass-shattering falsetto voice at some point in our lives, like it or not.


Watch This Poor German Shepherd Throw A Fit When She’s Told It’s Time To Stop Swimming


David Covucci is on vacation this week, which means someone else is getting stuck with posting adorable animal videos.

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