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Georgia Tech’s Fake Punt Failed Because a Punter Was Involved

Rich Eisen likes to tell us that punters are people too. But that bit of political correctness flies in the face of mountains of evidence

This Is the Best Commentary We’ve Heard on the Georgia Tech ‘Rapebait’ Email

I walk about 25 minutes to work each day. For now, the walk is pleasant. In a month, it'll be hell.

Georgia Tech Frat Bro Apologizes for That ‘Rapebait’ Email

Three days after a creepy email leaked off Georgia Tech's Phi Kappa Tau listserv, the person responsible wrote an open apology in Georgia Tech's student newspaper, the Technique. And

Someone Made a Creepy Flowchart Out of That Terrible Georgia Tech Frat Email

Earlier today we told you about that uber creepy e-mail a Phi Kappa Tau at Georgia Tech sent to his chapter. We can all agree

Georgia Tech Fraternity Member Sends Horrible, Creepy Email to Members

Apparently, an active member of Phi Kappa Tau at Georgia Tech sent an email to his chapter that is beginning to spread around like wildfire.

Georgia Tech Bro Gives Dramatic, Slightly Ridiculous Convocation Address

Nicholas Selby is a Georgia Tech sophomore who may have listened to Dane Cook's Retaliation a few too many times in middle school. And the

USC Stood Up Georgia Tech at the Sun Bowl Dinner

The USC Trojans underachieved this year and national-title hopes devolved into a Sun Bowl appearance. But at least they’re pretending to be excited to play

Scenes from Georgia Tech’s Chi Phi Paint Party 2012

I think we could all use a distraction this morning, so here's a video of the Chi Phis at Georgia Tech throwing their annual paint

Wedding Cake Featuring Uga as Roadkill is Tremendously Detailed

Nothing drives home the happy fact that two people are so in love they want to spend the rest of their lives together than a

Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets Football Players Have an Anthem and It’s ‘Trippy’

A three members of Georgia Tech's football team, including senior defensive end Steven Sylvester and sophomore cornerback Louis Young, have a new rap

The BroBible Tailgate Tour Heads to Blacksburg to Black Out

Today the (5-3) Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets swarm into Blacksburg to try and take down the ACC Coastal Divisions front runner (6-2) Virginia Tech Hokies.