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Is This a GIF of George W Bush Farting at the NCAA Championship Game?

It certainly appears so.

George W. Bush Wrote a Heart-Felt Letter to Alabama Kicker Cade Foster

Need yet ANOTHER reason why former President George W. Bush is THE MAN? He hand-wrote a heart-felt letter to Alabama kicker Cade Foster for missing those

Former President George W. Bush Was Kind of The Man on ‘The Tonight Show’

No matter what your politics are, I think we can all agree on this: Former President George W. Bush would be a really, really fun guy

The 10 Juiciest Presidential Sex Scandals

Presidents! They're just like us. In that they have a general disdain for monogamy.

George W. Bush on His Presidency: ‘Eight Years Was Awesome, and I Was Famous and I Was Powerful’

Former President George W. Bush dropped a whopper of a quote today when asked in an interview why he's avoided the spotlight for the last

Game of Thrones: Look Closely, And You’ll See A Beheaded President

We all know that Joffrey's a bit off the deep-end mentally, but this sh*t is beyond whack. [SEASON/BOOK 1 SPOILER ALERT AHEAD] If you keep your

George W. Bush Participates In Rangers Record for Most People In One Place Wearing Sunglass at Night

Last night the Texas Rangers handed out about 33,000 pairs of sunglasses to easily break a Guinness World Record for the most people in one

George W. Bush Almost Gets Hit By a Foul Ball at the White Sox - Rangers Game

Last night the Rangers beat the White Sox 4-0, with Alexi Ogando getting a beer shower for his fifth win of the season. In the