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Cool Map Shows Which Is the Closest MLB Team Anywhere in the U.S.

What's the reach of the New York Yankees?

These Are the Ends of the Roads on Google Maps

There are few things on the Internet quite like GeoGuessr. As addictive an Internet distraction as Bubble Spinner, as forceful a drive to travel as an

This Hella Cool Map of United States Accents Will Keep Y’all Occupied for a Wicked Long Time

Apparently in some parts of this fine country, a garage sale is a "rummage sale."

Today in Science: ‘Lost’ Continent Found Off Brazil’s Coast

It’s perfectly acceptable to nerd out about this. I mean, that’s a nice find. Pangea is the most badass name for anything, ever. Everything else

Texas A&M Excited to Find Out Which Teams Are in the SEC

Texas A&M is now a member of the Southeastern Conference. That doesn’t mean they know too much about the conference, though. Certain things, like the