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Three GDI’s At UVM Kidnap, Pluck, Murder, And Eat Frat’s Pet Chicken


Three 18-year-old GDI's at the University of Vermont have been arrested and charged with 'Unlawful Trespass, Possession of Stolen Property, Accessory before the Fact and Cruelty to Animals' after they stole a LIVE CHICKEN from the Alpha Gamma Rho fraternity house, killed it, cooked it, and ate it.


Do Sorority Girls Care If You Are In a Fraternity? Plus Who Would You Rather: Upton or Bundchen?


Hey Bros/Brahs/Friends/Enemies/Clergymen/Jerkoff Artists, sorry the Ask a Bro has been missing for a second; I've been pre-disposed with other life-or-death-type shit.

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Video Game Geek Has a Ridiculous Video About ‘College Tips for Joining a Frat’


Honestly, it doesn't even make sense to waste our breath pontificating on this.

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Should You Go Greek? Here are 5 Reasons to Join a Fraternity and 5 Reasons to Stay Independent


A recent trend I’ve noticed in the Brommunity is an onslaught of talk about whether or not your status as a Bro hinges on whether or not you’re in a fraternity.

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