Cleveland Cavs Employee Pours Gatorade Into A Powerade Bottle On The Bench


The NBA playoffs feel like an eternity ago, even though they were only a few months ago.

derek jeter

Gatorade’s Derek Jeter Farewell May Succeed In Touching A Few Heartstrings


Derek Jeter's days as a professional baseball player are numbered.

Peyton Manning commercials

Peyton Manning won’t sell Gatorade to customers because ‘they’re not sweating enough’


I'll be honest, I look forward to the countless Peyton Manning commercials that flood commercial breaks during NFL games.

Philadelphia Eagles

Large, Mustachioed Man Gets Magnificent Gatorade Bath in Philadelphia


Andy Reid returned to Philadelphia last night with his Kansas City Chiefs, and he GOT STUFF DONE, you guys.

tracy wolfson

Hot Sideline Reporter Tracy Wolfson Sips, Swallows Cam Newton’s ‘Cammy Cam Juice’


In the fourth quarter of Auburn's beatdown against South Carolina, CBS sideline reporter Tracy Wolfson decided to take a swig from Cam Newton's Gatorade bottle.

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