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And The First Youtube Video To Surpass 2 Billion Views Is…

This is kinda a gimme.

Watch PSY’s Bikini-Popping Follow-Up to ‘Gangnam Style,’ ‘Gentleman’

PSY has this whole pop music thing figured out. "Gangnam Style's" video became the most watched in YouTube history for four simple reasons: It included

Someone Drew Every Frame of the “Gangnam Style” Video and Made it Into a Flip Book

It's too bad this took months to draw, because everyone hates "Gangnam Style" at this point. However, the effort is good, but not quite as

This Sweet Compilation Counts Down, Mashes the 50 Best Viral Videos from 2012

A compilation that'll bring you back. 

Cassidy Has Released a Gangnam Style Remix Called ‘Condom Style.’ Actually.

Just wait until you actually listen. 

When ‘Gangnam Style’ Meets Martial Arts the Results Are a Real Kick to the Nuts

There are no words for this. Nor should there be. 

Well, Dancing ‘Gangnam Style’ Killed a Guy Last Weekend

Op-op-oopa-oh no...

‘Pop Danthology 2012’ Is an Awesome Mashup Video of 50 Chart-Topping Songs from the Year That Was

One of the many signs that the year is coming to close. This one gets it right. 

MC Hammer and Psy Performed a ‘2 Legit 2 Quit’/‘Gangnam Style’ Mashup Last Night, and It Ruled

Maybe we should have known this was going to happen when Psy began his performance in black parachute pants. Maybe we should have known because

‘Gangnam Style’s’ Psy Gave a Pretty Great Speech to Oxford Union

You've seen the video countless times, and you probably know at least 35 people who have uploaded a shitty lipdub to YouTube in the past

Man Sets His Halloween Light Show to Sing ‘Gangnam Style’

So...now that someone set the theme of their holiday light show to the song, the "Gangnam Style" movement is officially over, right? It's got to

Roy Hibbert Crushes ‘Gangnam Style’ in the Middle of a Mall, and Roy Hibbert Is Instantly a Legend

That's all you need to know. 

‘Gangnam Busters,’ an Epic Music Video Mashup of PSY and ‘Ghostbusters,’ Is Unfathomably Tremendous

They may as well just stop making these, because NOTHING is gonna top this. If you hate 'Gangnam Style' with the passion of a thousand

The U.S. Merchant Marine Academy Creates Their Own ‘Gangnam Style’

This phenomenon is starting to finally run its course, but we'd be remiss to not post the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy's "Gangnam Style" lipdub on

Watch PSY Put on a Gangnam Style Concert for 80,000 Fans in Seoul

PSY, who is riding his wave of unexpected success for all it’s worth with  great aplomb, put on a thank-you concert for his fans in

The ‘Gangnam Style’ x ‘Space Jam’ Mash-Up the World’s Been Waiting For

Fun fact: The two songs "Oppa Gangnam Style" by PSY and "Space Jam" by Quad City DJs have the exact same BPM and key. So, Soundcloud

George Washington’s Women’s Lacrosse Team Has a ‘Gangnam Style’ Video Too

Because no one on a college campus has anything better to do these days than make parody YouTube videos (thanks for that $200k education, Mom

Naval Academy Midshipmen Create Incredible ‘Gangnam Style’ Lip Dub

Just when we're finally burying the "Call Me Maybe" lip dub phenomenon, in comes the "Gangnam Style" videos. Get ready.