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Have You Ever Sold Babies To Sex Traffickers To Buy ‘Clash Of Clans’ Upgrades? No? You’re Better Than These People

Think of all the upgrades selling your spawn will get you!!

The NHL ’15 Teaser Trailer Dropped and the Graphics Are Out of This World

So, so good.

Why You Bought the Video Game Consoles You Did as a Kid

What were you thinking?

The One Video You Need to Watch on ‘Flappy Bird’ Being Yanked from App Stores

Flappy Bird, the most frustrating game in the history of mobile games, is dead. Its creator couldn’t handle the heat […]

We Interviewed the Very Attractive Gamer Girl Meg Turney

Like video games? Then you'll LOVE Slim Jim gaming correspondent Meg Turney, a very knowledgeable babe on all things video games and a knockout to boot. We recently sat down with her to

GameStop Is Stealing from You…and You’re Helping Them

Did you know you’re being robbed, one pre-owned new release at a time?

Obsessed Gamer Girl Really, Really Hates the Campers In ‘Battlefield 4’

// If you've played Battlefield 4 or any other first-person shooter online, you know EXACTLY what a camper is. Hardcore -- and even plenty of casual -- gamers

15 Reasons To Hate the New Xbox One

The times they are a-changin'. 

Yo, Call of Duty Fans: Here’s a Cool Opp to Get a Glimpse of What’s to Come for the Newest Title

We know there's  about 40 billion of you out there. Call of Duty Ghosts - All Access seems like a pretty cool thing, going down

AXE Launches Planet AXE and its First Mobile Game, AXEMAN

Last week AXE launched its new “AXEMAN” mobile app, which is the feature release of its new play-to-win gaming community, Planet AXE. AXEMAN allows you

Here’s Playb*y‘s Jo Garcia Enjoying Herself With Multiple Generations of Video Games

Here's the meat and potatoes of this video: Playboy's Jo Garcia provocatively fondles herself with various pieces of classic, old school video game