Human Hungry Hungry Hippos Would Be The Greatest Drinking Game Of All Time


Most drinking games get boring after a couple rounds and then everyone gets so smashed they just stop playing.

phone apps

Try To Guess How Much Kim Kardashian’s Mobile Game Made, Then Cry That You’ll Never Come Close To Making That Much


Wikipedia Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is Kim’s own freemium game where you try to become just as famous as Kim by doing…nothing.


4 iPhone Games That Are Ruining My Fucking Life


While many people might let the benefits of their doctor-diagnosed attention disorder go to waste, I use mine solely for good - playing iPhone games.

jimmy fallon

Not Only Are These The Worst Board Games Ever Created, But Jimmy Fallon Says They’re ‘Horrifying’


I dunno Jimmy, I kinda like the idea of playing a game based on the sinking of the Titanic where all the passengers get to escape to a tropical island just to be attacked by baboons.


Do You Like Ninjas? Sex? Then The Free Sex Game Called ‘Fap Ninja’ On Android Is For You


Is looking up porn videos on your phone while on-the-go a pain in the ass.

Video games

What SHOULD Happen When You Reach Level 999 In Flappy Bird…


Flappy Bird is so insanely simple, yet so insanely addictive.


GameStop Is Stealing from You…and You’re Helping Them


Did you know you’re being robbed, one pre-owned new release at a time.

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