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Let’s Play ‘What Kinky Shit Did Tori Spelling Do to Save Her Marriage?’

It's America's hottest new game show.

‘Family Feud’ Contestant Has Worst Final Round Performance You’ll Ever See


Woman on ‘Family Feud’ Had PERFECT Answer When Asked to ‘Name Something You Pull Out’


‘Jeopardy’ Contestant Delivers Incredibly Awkward Mid-Show Interview

Jeopardy chats are dumb.

Bob Barker is Returning to ‘The Price is Right’

WOOT! Bob Barker, the best game show host in the history of game show hosts, is returning to The Price is Right for one last

Watch a Dude KILL a Break Dance on ‘Family Feud’

Hey look, it's a Family Feud moment not completely ruined by Steve Harvey mugging for the camera!

Family Feud Contestant Hilariously Outs Husband for Wearing Panties

This family reunion should be SUPER.

Watch a Guy Tear Through an Electronics Store on a 156-Second Free Shopping Spree

Well, this is cool. From Reddit comes this video of a game show contestant who won a chance to get as much stuff as he

Indecisive Woman is Probably Worst Contestant in ‘Price Is Right’ History

Oh, Mary. Mary, Mary, Mary. It’s only an hour-long show. We don’t have all day. Spit out a bid, you crazy old coot.

These ‘Family Feud’ Fails Will Make You Feel Better About Yourself

We know you're on national television and that might make you say some stupid sh*t under pressure, but come on. These people are f*cking morons.

Quick, Name One Thing Shaquille O’Neal Has That’s Bigger Than Yours

Props to this “Family Feud” contestant who said what we were all thinking.

Overly Excited Old Guy on ‘Price Is Right’ Trips, Knocks Out a Tooth

We humbly submit to you, the reader, this video of an 85-year-old man winning a “Price is Right” guessing game, careening on-stage, tripping, falling, and

Remembering Richard Dawson, The Biggest Bro In Game Show History

Richard Dawson, the long-time host of "Family Feud," died Saturday after a long bout with esophageal cancer. He was remembered most for his steady hosting

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Knows His Dirty Movies

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar appeared on a special celebrity installment of “Jeopardy” last night and provided deep insight into his personal life through an erroneous buzz-in.

This is How You Lose on ‘Wheel of Fortune’

“Wheel of Fortune” always struck me as an old person’s show, so it’s with great delight that I learn it’s occasionally worth watching.