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You Can Now Major In ‘Game Of Thrones’ With This College Course At UVA

Find out what Hodor actually means when he says "Hodor."

Dirty Game of Thrones Is Where People Post Their Nasty Sexual Fantasies About GoT Characters

Very nasty. But too funny.

Sean Bean Confirmed That ‘Game Of Thrones’ Fan Theory About Jon Snow’s Parents

Spoilers ahead, beware.

What Would Your State’s ‘Game of Thrones’ House Flag Look Like?

The Flayed Man would definitely be Florida.

This Is What ‘Game Of Thrones’ Would Look Like If It Was A Happy Show Full Of Not-Death And Lotsa Hugs

"I've found a time machine Ygritte, CAVE SEX FOREVER!"

Hodor From ‘Game Of Thrones’ Is Now Going On Tour As An EDM DJ And Of Course The Tour Is Called ‘Rave Of Thrones’

I couldn't make this shit up if I tried.

George R.R. Martin Throws Out A Big ‘Fuck You’ To People Who Don’t Think He’ll Finish ‘A Song Of Ice And Fire’

That's not very nice.

What If The World Cup Was ‘Game of Thrones’ Themed And We Actually Got To Use These Badass Banners?

Nothing escapes 'Game of Thrones'-ification.

A Cersei-Approved ‘Game of Thrones’ Line Of Wine Is Coming Out Because People Will Buy Anything ‘GOT’ Related

Brace yourself, wine is coming.

Why ‘Yo’ Someone When You Can ‘Hodor’ Them? This New App Does Just That

Equally pointless, but 100x better.

What If ‘Game of Thrones’ Houses Had Soccer Kits?

They could settle their differences through sport.

This Mashup Of ‘Frozen’ And The Season Four Trailer For ‘Game Of Thrones’ Is INTENSE

It almost makes you want to watch "Frozen"...almost.

Watch This Guy Put ‘Game of Thrones” Mountain To Shame By Pulling A Boeing 777 Over 40 Feet

There's a good chance he poo'd himself in the process.

Ever Wonder What ‘Game Of Thrones’ Would Look Like In The 80′s? Now You Don’t Have To

"Game of Thrones" remixes are starting to jump the shark.

Like Game of Thrones? Like Dogs? Well, Then…

Dorne? More like dog.

This Compilation of Every Death in Season Four ‘Game of Thrones’ Will Blow Your Mind

For those of us who can't bear to watch the trial by combat episode again.

The Game of Thrones/Brady Bunch Mash-Up Fills You in on All You Need to Know

With Peter Dinklage as Alice

This ‘Game of Thrones’ Easter Egg Will BLOW YOUR MIND

This one line from Little Finger pretty much sums up Game of Thrones Season 4 in a nutshell.

This ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 4 Special Effects Reel Will BLOW YOUR MIND

There is no denying that this past season of Game of Thrones was without a doubt the most intense yet.

This Is What The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Dragons Would Look Like As An Animal Cruelty Commercial

Don't lie, we were all sad when Khaleesi chained her dragons.

Cersei Lannister Got Wine Drunk on ‘Kimmel’ and Insulted the Host

Lena Headey was ruthless last night.

I Hit On Chicks On Tinder By Telling Them ‘Game of Thrones’ Spoilers, Much Hatred Ensued

#SpoilerAlert, these are amazing.

Tonight’s Game of Thrones Episode Is Being Called ‘The Best Ever’

It's going to be great.


Ever wonder what it'd be like if Hodor was on Family Fued? Jimmy Kimmel did...

WATCH: Game of Thrones, NBA Edition

Larry King as the Three Eyed Bird? Damn straight... we'll take it.

Bro Loses His Shit When He Sees Boobs In ‘Game of Thrones’

Even better than his ridiculous reaction over seeing boobs on Game of Thrones was actress Carice van Houten's reaction to this video.

‘Game of Thrones’ Fans Are Writing Some Pretty WTF?!?! Fanfiction

GoT nerds are really getting really demented with their fanfiction fantasies about the show and its characters.

A Cool Behind-the-Scenes Look at Jamie Lannisters’ Arm from ‘Game of Thrones’

Having a stumpy arm never looked so... surreal:

Tonight’s ‘Game of Thrones’ Episode Broke the Bank in a Major Way

All the action takes place at the Wall and Castle Black.

Watch ‘The Mountain’ From ‘Game of Thrones’ Deadlift 994 Pounds

As the saying goes, "If the bar ain't bendin', then you're just pretendin'."

Entire Bar Reacts To the Epic Battle Scene In ‘Game of Thrones’

Apparently watching Game of Thrones and sipping PBRs is quite the ritual on Sunday nights at the Burlington Bar in Chicago.

The Best Reactions from ‘Game of Thrones’ The Mountain vs. The Red Viper

The reactions were pretty priceless.

Awesome Pic of Red Viper and The Mountain Chillin’ on the ‘Game of Thrones’ Set

This wins the Internet today.

10 Most Badass ‘Game of Thrones’ Characters of All Time

Before you get your panties tied up in a knot, you should know these rankings are entirely subjective.

The Upcoming Game of Thrones Trial By Combat Is Said to Be Utterly Amazing

Of course, everything that show does is.

A Black Guy Complains About Everyone’s ‘Game of Thrones’ Complaints

Game of Meta.

Peter Dinklage Perfectly Describes ‘Game of Thrones’ in 45 Seconds

"Sexy sexy sexy. Stabby stabby stabby. Beautiful language."

How Big is ‘The Mountain’ from ‘Game of Thrones’?

Game of Thrones last night re-re-introduced us to the Mountain, a.k.a. Gregor Clegane.

If Every Big 10 School Were a ‘Game of Thrones’ Character

What if BIG 10 schools were a Game of Thrones character?

MUST-WATCH: Game of Thrones, NBA Edition

HBO's hit show Game Of Thrones gets spoofed with animated NBA teams by our friends at Bleacher Report. It's a must-watch: