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A Bro’s Guide to Gambling on the Golf Course

Spice up your next round.

Singapore’s Anti-Gambling PSA is Actually a Pro-Gambling Hype Video

Gambling: perfectly healthy.

Want to Win Your March Madness Pool? Here Are 8 Simple Tips

Some things to consider.

Drunk Man Who Lost $500K Gambling Suing Casino for Letting Him Gamble Drunk


10 Super Bowl Props and the Super Bowl Pick

Have you had enough of Super Bowl week yet? It’s pretty fun that New York City has been overtaken by the NFL for the week

How To Bet $50 On The Super Bowl And Get Filthy Rich

I can't remember the last time I gave less of a crap about the Super Bowl. Wait, I remember. It was the last time Seattle

Floyd Mayweather Has Reportedly Bet $10 Million On the Broncos in the Super Bowl

It's no secret that Floyd "Money" Mayweather is liquid as shit (for once, "as shit" applies. Huzzah!) or that he loves to throw down large sums of

A True Vegas Story: Down Three Grand, Only $120 Left & My Last Stand

For the duration of my last three-day trip to Sin City, it was ugly. I was like a blind guy playing Jenga — I couldn’t

It All Comes to a Head with The Week 17 NFL Picks

The NFL hasn't locked in a game for its regular season finale on NBC's Sunday Night Football in Week 17, but the possibilities are quite appealing. If

The RGIII Saga Opens the Week 13 NFL Picks

There's been a lot of commotion surrounding Robert Griffin III in recent weeks. For a guy who hasn't been playing his best, ‎he sure has

The Week 10 NFL Picks Will Deliver Like Last Night’s Vikings/Redskins Game

Thursday night was supposed to be a great night for college football. Yet as it turns out, it was the NFL game that ended up being

10 Bets You Will Always Win

Unless everyone you ever make a bet with has also seen this video. In that case these would be 10 Bets That Make You Look

A Young Man’s Trip to College Station, Plus The Week 2 NFL Picks

This weekend marks one of my favorite weekends of the fall. It has nothing to do with the end of the PGA Tour playoffs, the

Mr. T’s Week 1 NFL Picks Against the Spread

It’s just one game, but the Broncos’ passing attack looked mighty unstoppable last night. With the way Peyton Manning carved up a respected (although rebuilt)

The 8 Worst People at Every Casino

For someone who enjoys gambling as much as I do, I have a pretty unfavorable opinion of casinos. In fact, I detest them. Casinos are

The 8 Dumbest Things I’ve Bet On: Confessions of a Gambling Addict

We're now a few days into August, easily one of the shittiest months of the year. Weather is at its muggiest,

Watch the Trailer for the New Ben Affleck-Justin Timberlake Gambling Movie, ‘Runner Runner’

In Runner Runner, Justin Timberlake, who is 32 years old, stars as a Princeton college student named Richie Furst who becomes involved in online gambling in

Calcutta Pools Take March Madness Up a Notch

Any idiot can take part in a regular NCAA bracket pool. Your pet iguana can probably fill out his picks and may even win if

5 Keys to Your First Casino Trip with Your Money on the Line

This time last Friday, three friends and I sat on top of each other in the backseat of a 2009 Nissan Rogue that comfortably seats

Taiwanese Families Betting on When Family Members Will Die is the New Hotness

That’s dark. Dark as shit.

Did Brandon Lloyd Really Jump Over That Car? Plus, the Week 10 NFL Picks

Two weeks ago, a 19-year-old kid from Florida tried to jump over a moving car to impress college football scouts for recruiting purposes. A look

Good NFL Things Cure Hangovers and Push Us to the Week 8 NFL Picks

I didn’t catch last night’s domination of Minnesota by Tampa Bay because I was on a boat cruising around Manhattan after work. We drank the

Jim Harbaugh Crushes Gamblers Everywhere, Plus the Week 7 NFL Picks

Thursday night’s game was a perfect example of why gambling is terrible and awesome at the same time. With 29 seconds left, Russell Wilson found

No Time to Waste in the Week 3 NFL Picks

There’s no time for a snazzy intro this week because I’m downing Bloody Mary’s at the pool in Miami right now. With a big birthday

It’s the Same Old NFL as We Roll Out the Week 2 Picks

"It’s the same old Jay," said Charles Woodson after last night's game between the Packers and the Bears. "We don’t need luck. We just need

Savannah State is Getting 70.5 Points Against Florida State

Everyone stop what you're doing. Call your bookie or reactivate that Bovada account. We have found the bet of the year.

How Will Your Favorite NFL Team Fare Against Vegas’ Over/Under Predictions?

The summer doesn’t officially end until September 21st, but we all know Labor Day really marks the end.  It’s damn sad that are weekends at

Sports Book Refunds All Adam Scott British Open Beats

Bookies do have souls! 

How Will Your Favorite MLB Team Fare Against Vegas’s Over/Under Predictions?

When the baseball season officially started last week in Tokyo, most people didn’t realize it was happening. Not only did Major League Baseball mistakenly put

9 Tips to Help You Win Your March Madness Pool

It’s just sitting there, blank and full of possibilities, open to any permutation your little heart desires. Everyone and their brother fills one out, but your

Guy Wins $7,500 on Super Bowl Square, His Excitement is Infectious

First rule of cheating the IRS: Don't let the IRS know about money you've obtained through illegal sports gambling. This man has willingly

Which Number Combination Will Win You the Super Bowl Squares Pool?

Note: We ran this story a year ago and thought we'd re-post as we wait for the Giants-Patriots game to start... With the Super Bowl days

Mr. T’s Super Bowl Pick and 13 Props to Make the Game More Fun

Two weeks always seems to be too long of a timeframe between the Conference Championships and the Super Bowl. There needs to be appropriate media

The Best Super Bowl XLVI Prop Bets

Gambling website Bovada released their prop bets for the 2012 Super Bowl. Prop bets are weird, quirky bets like, "How many times will the cameras

Lackluster Effort Is Unacceptable, Especially in New York, in the Week 16 NFL Picks

Any given Sunday, huh? Last week's NFL outcomes may have been surprising to some, especially with the Packers losing and the Colts winning, but unpredictability

Hitting the Campaign Trail with Tim Tebow and the Week 14 NFL Picks

It should be pretty evident to everyone in America that Tim Tebow will be our president in 2036. If you don't believe me, you need

Hard Times and Hard Games in the Week 13 NFL Picks

I’ve admittedly hit a rut with picking games. Hitting the prop bet that Drew Brees would throw for over 2.5 touchdowns against the Giants can

Be Thankful for Good Coaching When You Read the Week 12 NFL Picks

There are only 32 NFL head coaches on this earth of 7 billion people. Finding 32 competent people shouldn’t be that hard given those odds.

Just a Photo of Michael Jordan Gambling with a Fat Stack of Benjamins

This photo is making the rounds this afternoon and has been pinging around the Internet for quite a while, we believe. We're not really sure

JaMarcus Russell Almost Ate Our Thursday Night NFL Pick

I'm a couple weeks late on talking about a specific news item, but I was waiting for the perfect opportunity. With the Raiders playing in