Bro Pranks People With the Most Contagious Prank Ever


Reggie Noble now thinks his dog may be pranking him with this everyday.

Trust falls

Bro Goes Around Pulling Trust Fall Prank, Next to No One Catches Him


Anyone who would even think about, or lunge, to catch this schmuck is a ten thousand times a better person than me.


What Happens When You Glue an iPhone 5 to the Ground in Public


All these people in the video either want the iPhone 5, or they're as intrigued by the power of that glue as I am.

SnuzNLuz Alarm Clock

SnuzNLuz Alarm Clock: The April Fools Day joke that needs to be real


Every year, ThinkGeek, a site that sells stuff for nerds like catapults for your desk and caffeinated soap, comes up with joke gadgets that they supposedly sell on their site.

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