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The Duracell Powermat for the iPhone 4 and 4S

Wireless energy seems to be one of the next great frontiers in consumer electronics and after Jay-Z signed on as spokesman for Duracell Powermat last

The Samsung Focus Flash is the First Born in a New Generation of Windows Phones

Earlier this month, Microsoft staged a massive stunt in New York's Herald Square, building the world's largest Windows Phone in celebration of the launch of

This $8 Million iPad Has a 24-CT Gold Panel, 53 Diamonds, and a Frame Made from T-Rex Thigh Bone

In other words, not only is it the most extravagantly absurd iPad humanly conceivable, to quote Dave Chapplle, "It's the most baller shit ever!!!"

Man Paints iPad 2 Line at Apple Store Using iPad 1

Man Paints iPad 2 line at Apple Store

Spotted near BroBible HQ in SoHo, New York today: A man on a line at

Apple’s iPad 2—Everything You Need to Know

ipad 2 covers

For everyone who got an iPad for Christmas, I have bad news for you and your


VIDEO: Man Wants to Replace 3D Glasses with Rapid-Blinking Technology

Watching 3D no Glasses

We're pretty sure (actually we know) this is a joke by just another crazy Frenchman looking for attention, but

Photos, Details of New BlackBerry Curve and Dakota Leaked

Blackberry Dakota Blackberry Curve

I can't see myself ever switching to an

The 8 Best Headphones for the Serious (and Not-So-Serious) Audiophile

Generic iPod earbuds always seem to blow out or break at some point, and over-the-ear hook-style headphones meant for the gym typically fare about as


Nike Unveils TomTom-Powered Runner’s Watch with GPS

Nike Sportswatch GPS

We'll be highlighting all the new major tech innovations that are coming out of the CES

BroBible’s Holiday Wish List: The Electronics and Gadgets Every Bro Needs

BroBible Gift Guide

‬Editor's Note: This is the second story

Is Kik Messenger the Next BBM?

Kik Messenger LogoThe application "Kik Messenger" is skyrocketing in numbers. It's grown

10 Ways Technology Has Ruined Modern Men

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