Let’s All Watch This Drunk Bro Smash His Head Through a Coffee Table Then Get Stuck


The particle board top of whatever furniture chain this coffee table came from was no match for the deadly combination of alcohol and man.

Solemn Oath brewery

Solemn Oath Brewery isn’t your average hop shack


It's not easy for a brewery to set itself apart now that there is a new one popping up on every corner.

Gadgets for men

Fraaiheid makes a table you can put together by hand


Most furniture you buy, especially flat-pack furniture, requires tools to build.

space saving

Slot Sofa: Save room in your place


If you've got an apartment, even a big one, space is at a premium.

Sensei table

Sensei: Two chairs that turn into a coffee table


If you have an apartment, you likely also have the problem of being low on space, yet needing furniture that will fit into your house.


Heat-sensitive furniture tells you exactly where the warm spot is


We've all looked, on a cold day, for the warmest place to sit in a coffee shop or bar.

wine storage

Concrete wine bunkers are clever, functional


As you might be able to tell, making stuff out of concrete that isn't a garage or a massive Brutalist public works project (or both) is catching on with the artsy-craftsy crowd.

the future

Meet the chair you can crush to the size of a pizza box


Even if you've advanced to the point in your life where you've bought a couch instead of grabbing one off the side of the road, you can always use more seating.

transforming desk

The Doppeldecker transforms from desk to kitchen table


If you've got a small apartment, or just not a lot of counter space, you know the pain of trying to use a dinner table to actually eat dinner.

sleeping space

Podtime: The perfect bed for annoying people


If you've got $2100 to spare and you really, really hate houseguests, have we ever got the bed for you.

the manhattan

Casket pool table is amazingly not a joke


Most guys, at some point in their adulthood, buy a pool table.


Jam Sofa: Finally a couch you can effectively hide things in


We've all had that moment: the one where your parents come over, and you realize you've left something out in the living room that you'd really rather they not see.

stair to anywhere

Stair to Anywhere: Give your house a spiral staircase


Spiral staircases are architectural marvels, and they can save a lot of space.

Portable desk

Blackhawk Secretary Trunk: Lug your office wherever you go


Anybody who has moved has been inevitably faced with the desk.

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