This Kid’s Speech Impediment Has Made Him The Smoothest Talking Ladies Man On The Block

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Before we jump into this kid's awesome mispronunciation, can I stop for a second and note how weird it is that some kid is knocking on a neighbor's door and asking for things, and the neighbor automatically opens the door filming on his iPhone.

freaking out

Mother Has The Freakout Of All Freakouts From Tiny Spider, Loving Daughter Records It For The World To See


Usually freakout videos on the Intertubes are fake or embellished greatly, but there is no doubt in my mind that this woman is genuinely absolutely terrified of spiders.


Finally, A Song Dedicated To The Flat Booty Girls Of The World


Every other song in the club these days is about a girl with a big ass.

furious 7

Little Kids Hilariously Reenact ‘Furious 7′ Trailer With Power Wheels


This amazing parody of Fast and Furious by DreamWorksTV featuring an entire cast of little kids is incredibly well-done.

Office Space

Replacing ‘Michael Bolton’ With The Real Michael Bolton In ‘Office Space’ Makes The Movie Even Funnier


The movie Office Space gave Michael Bolton street cred and he wasn't even in the movie.


Bros Spend Way Too Much Time Being Ben Franklin On Tinder BUT The Pick-Up Lines Are Phenomenal


It feels like historical figures are really helping bros get laid these days.

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