Valentine's Day

These Are The Most Honest Valentine’s Day Cards Ever And They’re Amazing


There's a ton of pressure that goes along with choosing a Valentine's Day card.

viral video

Step-By-Step Instructional Video On How To Get A Crackhead Off Your Porch


You always see people sharing instructional videos on some nonsense like "How To Peel Garlic In 10 Seconds," or "How To Never Lose Your TV Remote Ever Again.


The Lonely Island Drop A Song About Hustlin’ And It’s Their Hottest Track To Date


"Ice to an eskimo, spaghetti to a wop, I know that sounds racists that's just how I talk.


This Bro Is Mr Miyagi, This Pup Is The Karate Kid


The concept of a 'release word' is something you learn on the very first day of puppy training class, and it appears that this man-dog duo drove that concept home harder than any pair we've ever seen before.

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