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The 10 Types of Stoners

Great video from back in the day that seems rather appropriate today, given that it's 4/20 and all... We all know stoners like this...

Woman Is So Excited to Get on ‘Price Is Right’ She Rips Off Her Own Wig

"This ain't my hair. This ain't my hair!" is what I imagine could be the only thing going through her excited brain at the time

10 Brain-Banging Facts You Didn’t Know About Dildos

Dildos. There may be no greater threat to getting your noodle wet than these sexual aides.

Adult Film Entitled ‘Teen Gets Knocked Up by Accidental Creampie’ Has Darkest Ending Ever (SFW)

We all watch smut. That's just a fact of life, like the sun's going to rise and you're going to tell some wild untruths when

Ever Wonder What Group Text Messages Would Look Like In Real Life?

Group text messages must stop. Unless it’s super urgent. Something like “Dear everyone in my phone, I’m going to die […]

Bro Passes Time On Train Drawing New Faces On Fellow Passengers

I’ve spent more than a few hours stuck on a train, commuting to and from work, only to do it […]

Norwegian Speed Skater Takes Best Olympic Photo So Far

Havard Bokko is a speed skater. Speed skating, those tight outfits and a ton of leg rubbing can get a […]

This Is What Happens When You Forget An Apostrophe

We’re not for or against car decals. We understand the idea and it’s your car so you can do whatever […]

7 Convincing Reasons Why Satan Could be a Bro

He has many names. Satan. Lucifer. Beezlebob. The Dark Lord. And now he may potentially be bestowed the name of Bro. Yes, this article seems

All The Things I Wish I Could Say to My Younger Self

Sometimes people write articles about the things they would say to their former self. “Love harder, kiss deeper, dance like nobody is watching, etc.” Yuck.

100 Greatest Vines of 2013 All in One Place

This is one instance where there is a need to thank us. An incredible need. Do it. Do it. 

K-Y Jelly Accident Leads To Evacuation Of Alabama Post Office

"Not knowing what the slippery substance was, post office officials evacuated the place and called in hazmat teams."

Dom Mazzetti Breaks Down Memorial Day Weekend

Our dear friend Dom is back. This time his preachings take him from the Rapture (I want that word banned at least until the Oct

5 Things No One Can Teach You About Being Funny

You sorta just gotta have it. 

Senior Citizens ‘Party All Night’ Taco Bell Super Bowl Commercial Sums Up Every Night In High School

Wasn't huge on the giant back tats, but other than that...

10 Weird Facts You Didn’t Know About Mascots

Mascots have been doing their thing for centuries. They are there to take an awesome experience and add even more pizazz. They are the heroes

Rising Comic Watch: Funnyman Michael Che Talks the Economy, ‘Like vs. Love’ on Letterman

"There's no 'Biggest Loser: Ethiopia'"

Watch That Insane Prankster Roman Atwood Give Haircuts in the Hood

Roman Atwood and Dennis Roady are some of the funniest and ballsiest YouTube pranksters working today. They're not as mean-spirited and generally terrible as guys

The Best of the ‘Priority Peter’ Meme

Don't you just hate it when there's all those hot chicks just itchin' to get all up in that barely post-pubescent bod of yours, but

The Best of the ‘Misunderstood Girlfriend’ Meme

Essentially a response to the "overly attached girlfriend" meme, the "misunderstood girlfriend" has caught fire, likely because this would be the dopest girlfriend ever if

Guy Hilariously Trolls Republicans at RNC

The Republican National Convention has been action packed so far. Lots of speeches and Republican bonding, OH and this guy was also there wreaking havoc!

Great Spoof Imagines a World Where ‘Fragrance Commercials Didn’t Whisper’

Fragrance commercials, for better or for worse, are often quite creepy. This, of course, is mostly because there's apparently some strange correlation between whispering and

Dee Snider to Paul Ryan: ‘I’m Not Gonna Take it Anymore’

Dee Snider, frontman of metal band Twisted Sister (of "Were Not Gonna Take It" fame), is not happy with Republican Vice Presedential Candidate Paul Ryan.

What Does Your State Suck the Most At? A Comprehensive Guide

I, Stevie chay Vaughan, BroBible whipping post and internet sludgepile, present to you the map that tells all, AKA the United States of sucktitude. 

Here’s Louis C.K. Being Very Sorry For Everything

Apparently, the comedian who can do no wrong doesn't feel the same way. Here's a nice supercut of "Louie" apologizing profusely for the sh*t he

Dudes Feed Laxatives to Seagulls, All Hell Breaks Loose

Are these young dudes prank heroes? Are they villains guilty of animal cruelty? Both? You decide.

Can America Send Pitbull Into Exile?

Comedians Jon Hendren and David Thorpe (@fart and @arr, respectively), are trying to send the latin sensation--and frontrunner for this decade's Scott Stapp Award for

The True Instagram Gender Gap

There really are two Instagrams. Our ever-observant friends at Virgin Mobile uncovered the stark contrasts in the ways that guys and girls use the billion-dollar

Let’s Take a Second to Salute the Person Who Wrote Kim Kardashian’s Amazing IMDB Bio

The man, women, or child that authored Kim Kardashian's IMDB profile bio needs to win the Presidential Medal of Freedom. The person who called the

Help Connect Us with the Person Who Wrote an Eight Page College Essay On Drake’s #YOLO

UPDATE: Still haven't tracked down the YOLO paper, but we thought we'd retry with the hope of being able to read it sometime in the

The ‘Sh*t People Say At a Super Bowl Party’ Party Looks Like It Sucks

If your Super Bowl party is anything like this, you need to find a different party. Really just a bunch of non-contributing asshats.

Does This Dartmouth Bro Have Some Lethal Moves or What?

A reader just passed this video along to us. In it a Dartmouth Bro is either dancing or doing his impression of what

‘Incredibly Loud and Extremely Close’ Trailer Parody is Pure Brilliance

This is a trailer for 'Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close" if "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close" was a movie about having to hear

Serious ‘Saved By the Bell’ Moments with Inappropriate Woo’ing Added

"She's bound to a wheelchair?!?! Woo!!!!" Is the basic sentiment of this video. 

Michigan’s Kicker Brendan Gibbons Had Brunette Girls On His Mind Before He Won the Sugar Bowl

The poor bastards who kick for Stanford and Va. Tech could learn something from Michigan's Brendan Gibbons. Guy striped the game-winning field goal

Nekked Man Photobombs a French Clothing Chain’s Fashion Shoot For Kids

What a boss. Frolicking in the ocean, dick swaying in the breeze, paying no mind that there's an entire kids photo shoot for French fashion

Kris Humphries was Infatuated With Kim Kardashian’s Publicist’s Sexuality

Humphries: "Shoot me straight, I'm a friend and I'm not judging you either way but, like, are you gay or what? Suspected Gay

Epic Meal Time: Brunch of Booze

Epic Meal Time has a sure fire way to cure your New Years Day hangover. 

Girl Caught on Video Putting an Entire Case of Beer Up Her Skirt

Obviously snaking a case of beer up your skirt is a sc*mbaggish move but I'm impressed with the execution itself. And I'm thinking

Andy Roddick Sings the ‘Humpty Dance’ with an Appearance from a Hooded Brooklyn Decker

Tennis mega-star Andy Roddick decided to humanize himself recently at a holiday event in Austin Texas. The greatest American men's singles player in