Morgan Freeman speaking on Helium will warp your mind


Morgan Freeman is well known for having perhaps the most recognizable voice in all of Hollywood, so when he sucks down a balloon of helium and speaks the effect is a bit jarring.


Limb by Lannister: the ‘Game of Thrones’ — Phish mashup hippies have been waiting for


To uninitiated, Phish can be a very strange and confusing cult-like band.

types of stoners

The 10 Types of Stoners


Great video from back in the day that seems rather appropriate today, given that it's 4/20 and all.


7 jobs that are tailor-made for assholes


Just like genital herpes, assholes are forever.


So what happens when a trombonist has to sneeze in the middle of a performance? Watch


This trombonist who lets off a sneeze, mid-blow, turns a boring performance into what will probably be the most watched YouTube video of the week.

Text From Dog

Bro Passes Time On Train Drawing New Faces On Fellow Passengers


I’ve spent more than a few hours stuck on a train, commuting to and from work, only to do it all again less than twelve hours later.

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