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What Is The #BruhMovement And Why Is It Taking Over Vine?


I Can’t Stop Watching These Girls Dance to Riff Raff’s ‘Tip Toe Wing in My Jawwdinz’

It's probably the most badass thing to ever happen to Riff Raff's "Tip Toe Wing in My Jawwdinz," next to Riff Raff slaying Katy Perry.

Dancing Marlins Kid Just Might Be the Best Vine Ever

This Vine is the greatest thing to ever happen to the Internet.

College Girl ‘Does It For the Vine,’ Runs on the Field During the College World Series

Classic millennial move...

This Magic Pool Vine Is Freakin’ Amazing

This is so awesome. Well done. Very well done.

This Chris Bosh-’Jurassic Park’ Celebration Vine Is the Best Thing Ever

The Heat won Game 2 tonight, resulting in Chris Bosh going full Velociraptor.

Girl Tries to Use Her Mouth as a Cereal Bowl… Guess What Happens Next?

Wait for it... Wait for it... Wait for it...

The GTA 5 Shovel Edition Vine Is the Best Version of That Girl’s Shovel Fight

Finally, some hero made a hilarious GTA 5 Shovel Edition Vine of the viral girl shovel-throwing fight. We can't stop laughing at it...