hot girls

Three Hot Chicks Performing The Hell Out Of ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ In A Car Is Something You’ll Watch


It's not the best video that exists on the Internet, but it's also not the worst either.

taking a piss

This Is The Best Short-Film You’ll Ever Watch About Taking A Piss


Every Bro has been there: You have to drain the main vein, but you just can't get it flowing.

funny videos

This Is How Terrifying Life Would Be If You Actually Turned Into Someone Else When You Were Hungry


You know those Snickers commercials where everyone is turning into someone else just because they're hungry.


What If The ‘SERIAL’ Podcast Was A Rom-Com?


Have you guys listened to SERIAL, the sensational podcast by the producers of NPR's This American Life.


Aussie Bro Annoys The Shit Out Of His Friend Ben With The Most Obnoxious Puns Ever


Ben seems like a decently fit dude, so I'm impressed by his restraint after about two minutes of the world's worst grocery shopping puns.

turtle attacks cat

A Turtle Attacked A Cat In The Cutest Way Possible – BONUS: ‘Move Bitch Get Out The Way’ Remix


People like to collect animals and have them in their house like they're recreating some lame version of Noah's Ark.


BBC Journalist Gets REALLY High While Reporting Next To A Pile OF Smoldering Drugs


The best thing about this video of BBC journalist Quentin Sommerville reporting from a smoldering pile of drugs is that it reminds me of a scene straight out of my favorite Simpsons episode of all time, where Chief Wiggum throws a bunch of hair clippings on a pile of burning marijuana.

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