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Someone Made a #Poopie Parody of The Chainsmokers #Selfie Song

Two things you never want to hear from a lady: "Wait... When did I eat corn?" and "all I've been eating in kale chips and

Watch the Workaholics Guys Vibe About ‘Plowing Chicks’ with Seth Rogen and Zac Efron

In an obvious promotion for the upcoming frat-flick Neighbors, Blake, Adam and Ders invited Seth Rogen and Zac Effron into their Workaholics cubicle to

This Lady Has the Greatest ‘To Make a Long Story Short’ Story Ever

This sassy black lady's jelly bean story is well worth the next 34-seconds of your life.

This Video of a Drunk Bro Trying to Squeeze Through a Fence Has the Perfect Ending

Minor spoiler alert for those hoping that this video is packing some real fireworks: it does not end in him being so defeated that he

This Southwest Airlines Flight Attendant Is Basically a Flying Comedian

Blah blah blah emergency exit row, blah blah blah make sure your seat back and folding trays are in their full upright position.  You’ve heard [...]

How Guys and Girls Drive: The Most Spot On Video You’ll Watch Today

Each stereotype for guy and girl drivers is so incredibly accurate, in almost scares me.

Florida Driver With Road Rage Gets What’s Coming to Him With Sweet, Sweet Instant Karma

Drivers in Florida have a reputation for being, well, complete jackasses. Maybe worse than drivers from Jersey, which is really saying something.

Daniel Tosh’s ‘Beats By Dre’ Parody Is Perfect

Hear what you want.... while walking into the abortion clinic.

Girl Loses Her Phone During St. Patrick’s Day In NOLA, Bro Makes Awesome Videos Before Returning

A couple weeks ago I left my phone in a cab. It was one of the most harrowing two hours of my life (...first

Bro of the Century Drops the Best ‘Deez Nuts’ Ever on ‘The People’s Court’

Hands down the best "Deez nuts" ever to happen on television. Also, I'm not going to lie -- I need to have this man's needlework,

The Best Video Ever About Girls Who Are ‘Literally Dying’ Because They ‘Can’t Even’

OMG, OMG, OMG. This video from Garlic Jackson Comedy perfectly makes fun of how girls speak in 2014. "If at some point your girlfriend 'can't'

‘The Wolf of Sesame Street’ Imagines Cookie Monster As a Hard Partying I-Banker

No one lives life in the fast lane like Cookie Monster.

This Is How Every Bro Snapchats with Girls

You know you've been here: A chick sends you a hot selfie and it's like, "shit... it's my turn."

I Can’t Stop Laughing At These Hilarious @Collegefession Videos

The Twitter handle @Collegefession has been on my radar for about two months now.

What If There Was a GoPro Camera Just for Bros?

World, meet the BroPro camera.

The Kroll Show Nails It With How Philly and Pittsburgh Kind of Can’t Stand Each Other

This week on “The Kroll Show,” Nick took a couple of jabs at how Pennsylvania’s two biggest cities love beefing [...]

Watch a Guy Give an Impassioned Defense of Millennials

Who will defend the "lazy" "entitled" millennial?

A Rapper Named ‘Juiceboxxx’ Just Performed the Worst Rap You’ll Ever Hear On Live TV

World, meet Milwaukee-bred rapper "Juiceboxxx."

Brilliant Parody Shows the Hellish Realities of Comcast Buying Time Warner

Funny or Die delivers the parody we need.

Netflix Introduces New ‘Browse Endlessly’ Plan for $5

Did Netflix do it again or did Netflix do it again? Only $5 a month to fill your queue with [...]

Ever Wonder What Group Text Messages Would Look Like In Real Life?

Group text messages must stop. Unless it’s super urgent. Something like “Dear everyone in my phone, I’m going to die [...]

The Top 50 ‘Scare Cam’ Vines Are Freakin’ Hilarious

Vine is so much cooler when you use it to record scaring the shit out of your friends. Here are [...]

Guy Tells Old Man Outside His Window ‘Go Fuck Yourself,’ Old Man Gets REALLY Pissed Off

Is it just me or does this dude being told to go fuck himself sound like Johnny the gangster in Home [...]

Is This Tattoo Shop Commercial the Greatest Local Ad Ever?

Nekkid Nate is the owner of Liberty Tattoo in Atlanta, Georgia. With a name like Nekkid Nate, he’s got to [...]

Hilarious Pharmaceutical Commercial Asks, ‘Is Not Having Kids Right for You?’

We gotta say, the drug does make a compelling case. [H/T: Devour]

Don’t Try to Bully This Kid Singing ‘Barney’ Songs on the Bus, He’s Probably Banging Your Mom

If this was staged, I'll be heartbroken. 

Bro’s College Roommates Found an Embarrassing Video He Made In High School, Put It On YouTube

Was this kid abducted by aliens right before he made this video? I ask, because nothing on this planet could ever possess someone to videotape themselves lip-syncing

Taylor Swift Attacked at the Grammys

Ryu from Street Fighter high-kicks Taylor Swift during her performance of "All Too Well." If you don't laugh at this, we can't be friends:

Is This The Biggest Fart Ever?

Poor guy... Just got done with a colonoscopy. He has doctor's orders to let 'em rip. Except his wife holds the camera on him to capture

Man On an Airplane Hilariously Falls Asleep On His Computer Keyboard

Napping on airplanes is great. Getting caught up on work on airplanes is pretty great, too. This guy, however, nodded off with his laptop open

Watch a Woman’s Hilariously Bad Reenactment of a 3-Hour Orgasm That Sent Her to the Hospital

I can't stop laughing at this. TLC's new show called Sex Sent Me to the ER is the gift that keeps on giving. In a recent

Parkour Expert vs. Average Man Is Hilariously Accurate

Here is something to consider the next time you're thinking about dipping your toe into the parkour pool. That something, of course, is how average you are.

Let’s All Point and Laugh At This Blonde Girl Doing a Blonde Girl Thing

Physical humor! Sometimes you eat the bar, sometimes the bar eats you. 

Bro Pranks Strangers By Asking Them If They Want Some Hash

"It's the good shit... It's like that brown shit."

'Nah, I'm good Bro. Nice prank video, though, Bro... 

Key & Peele Attempt World Record for the Most Impressions In One Minute

You name the celebrity, Key & Peele have an impression for it. In fact, they're able to work in 35 impressions in about a minute,

Da’Quan Goes to Ithaca College and Cornell University, Tailgates HARD for Cortaca

It's your boi Da'Quan baaaaacccck in da placeeee. BroBible favorite Da'Quan recently headed upstate to Ithaca to pay a visit to Ithaca College and Cornell on

DeSean Jackson Hangs out with Internet Sensation TerRio, Hilarity Ensues

TerRio does his signature dance. DJax going to pull something similar off in the end zone someday? Let's hope... 

The World’s Worst Women To Watch Football With

"I'm putting Housewives on because stuff actually happens in that show!" Elite Daily just dropped a video that almost every guy can relate to. 

And on a related note... 

Eskimo Brothers Create Hilarious Song About Mutual Girl

Even though R. Kelly and Usher long ago created the gold standard by which all eskimo brother jams can be judged, these guys did

Bro Pranks NYPD Cops by Asking Them What He Should Do with a Dime Bag

Bro... That's criminal possesion. Or is it?