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10 Highlights from Comedy Central’s ‘The Roast of James Franco’

Last night was Comedy Central's Roast of James Franco, one of our favorite stoner Hollywood Bros who clearly gives zero fucks about too much of anything. Seth

This Outstanding Video Perfectly Captures the Daily Struggle of Opening a Tight Lid

Techinically a fail, though we've all been there. Doesn't stop the announcers though. RUTHLESS. 

College Bro Tries to Pick Up Girls By Awkwardly Serenading Them in Public

Let's just say it doesn't go quite as expected. In fact, I don't think he landed a single number. I blame the guitar player wearing

Bored? Watch this Mashup of Politicians Making Awkward Hip-Hop References

Old people trying to sound hip and "with it" is PAINFUL. 

Sexual Harassment Orientation Done Right

Exactly how we conduct our sexual harassment orientations here at BroBible. Only, we bring in a few hot chicks to act out the do's and

Dom Mazzetti vs. Chads

Goddamn Chads...AMIRIGHT? 

That Awkward Moment the Music Stops Right As You Were Saying Something Obscene

This scenario is all too true, but the girl-to-guy ratio at this party couldn't be more far from the truth. That kind of lopsided scoring

Dallas Cowboys Fan Is Butthurt Because His Team Played Like the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday

It's hard times -- the last decade or so, that is -- for Cowboys fans. And this fan is sick of the emotional roller-coaster. One

‘Still Kiffin’’ Parody Pays Tribute to USC Coach’s Swaggy Braggadocio

For what it's worth, Lane Kiffin inherited the Trojans amidst a black cloud of sanctions, bowl game bans, and a team that erred dangerously close

Dom Mazzetti vs. Porn

Dom is back and he's tackling porn, everyone's favorite pastime and recently shut down industry. He's even got himself a handy how-do-I-know-if-I-should-jerk-off flowchart.

The YouTube Complaints Department is a Terrible Place

All the worst people from the YouTube comment sections in one place.

Funny Video Shows It’s Not Easy Making New Guy Friends

This video shows how difficult it actually is to make dude friends as an adult. Of course, this is nothing new--there was an awesome movie

Hilarious Fake News Prank Shows People Will Believe Anything

After last week's LeBron James home video, the jokesters at Jest have delivered yet again. In this fake news prank, a reporter gauges citizen reactions to Obama's

McDonalds Employees Mystified by Floating Cup Phenomenon

When it comes to McDonalds, original pranks grow slimmer and slimmer with each passing day. Thankfully or unthankfully, we can now cross the "Drive Thru

This ‘LeBron James Home Video’ Is Just Tremendous

After watching this video, you'd think ten year old LeBron was probably just going through a phase. You'd think. Big ups to the folks at Jest for

Little Kid Gives Parents Sex Advice

The video above is an advertisment for the Cannes 'Lion' Advertising Film Festival's Young Director Award, an honor designed to highlight the work of up-and-coming

These Wisconsin Bros Spent Their St. Patrick’s Day Making a ‘Call Me Maybe’ Remix Video

Here's a Bro or Not Bro scenario for you: A group of University of Winsconsin guys spent their St. Patrick's Day weekend filming

The Greatest Cover of Rihanna’s ‘We Found Love’ Ever

Is this cover of Rihanna and Calvin Harris's "We Found Love" by Gil Prather a personal ad for Sea Captain Date? Or is it just

VIDEO: Frat Dude Goes to the AVN Awards (Part 1)

Last week, I served up a photo journal of my trip to the AVN Awards. This week, I'm giving you the full AVN Experience (adult

Watch This Spoof UVA Fraternity Rush Video

A reader just sent this in, so we figured we'd share. In his own words: "Hot UVA girl made a clip stereotyping all

Video: Ricky Gervais’s 2012 Golden Globes Opening Monologue

This year Ricky Gervais took his opening monologue at the Golden Globes downs a notch. Or ten. He took shots at NBC, the

Sh*t Sighted People Say to Blind People is Inappropriately Hilarious

These "sh*t people say" videos can't stop, won't stop, and again I'm going back on our word of not posting anymore because Sh*t

Barack Obama’s Speeches Get Mashed Up Into Him Singing ‘Born This Way’

This video of Barack Obama's speeches cut into "Born this Way" is about to explode virally and it's actually the second effort by

Pakistani News Reporter Attacks New Year’s Eve Reveler

Being a news reporter on location covering New Year's Eve has to be one of the worst jobs ever. You're working late into

University of Maryland Student Has Impromptu Finals Week Dance Party in Library

Look, we all deal with the stress of finals week in different ways. This student at the University of Maryland decided to have

Frat Dude Goes to SantaCon

Last time, I scoured Comic Con for Bros, with little success. So I decided to take a trip to SantaCon to answer the

Nick Kroll Shares a Terrifyingly Hilarious Story About Sh*tting His Pants

Last night, "The League's" Nick Kroll came onto "Conan" and before Conan could ask him any of the typical questions hosts often ask comedians --

Young Boy Absolutely Hates Tom Brady

I always wondered at what age the aggression and disappointment developed in Philadelphia sports fans. Based on this video, the transformation into a

Just a Video of a Dude with a Leaf Blower on a Swivel Chair

Guess how it ends?

The Gentlemen’s Rant: Shopping

Men hate holiday shopping. But I bet they don't hate it as much as I hate the poor delivery of the fat guy

Does This Freestyle-Rapping Midwestern College Bro Have a Future?

This video just came in over the tipline with this description: "Hey, you need to feature this kid on the site. Haha. He

Jersey Sports Fan Enjoys Thanksgiving Break

The Jersey Sports Fan had himself quite the nice little Thanksgiving break. Not only did the Jets pull out a victory, the Rangers

Frat Bro Goes to Comic-Con

A few weeks ago I went to New York's Comic-Con to see if I could find any Bros. While I didn't find many

Kemper Pedic Beds: For the Guy Who Wants to Jack Off Without His Girl Noticing

Jason Segel hosted "SNL" last night (with some help from the Muppets) and the best bit of the night was definitely the "Kemper Pedic Bed"

This is What Happens When You Play Battlefield 3 Instead of Paying Attention to Your Girlfriend

It's a simple fact that girlfriends need attention. Some need more than others, but it's as sure of a thing as death, taxes, and the

Crazed Deer Crashes Into Atlanta Taco Shop

Goddamn animals. Usually they just chew on your couch, scratch the paint off the bottom of your doors, hurl themselves into oncoming traffic,

The Gentlemen’s Rant: Starbucks

Evidently certain gentlemen don't care for drinking over-priced coffee, while surrounded by hipsters who are trying to write their screenplay brilliance. What bothers

Here’s the ‘Bro Down’ from Last Night’s Episode of ‘South Park’

Last night's "South Park" was an instant classic. If you missed it, Randy discovers a conspiracy in which Broadway musicals are actually a

Jersey Sports Fan Occupies the Hunt

The Jersey Sports Fan is back and not only has he taken his gripes about MSG's ticket prices to the Occupy Wall Street

‘The Walken Dead’: When Zombies Want More Cowbell

Christopher Walken has always been kind of pale, slow, and dead-looking, hasn't he? Well, now we know what a world overrun by pale,