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Coolest Cop Ever Sends Bro a Text After Picking Him Up for a Public Intoxication

Gotta admit, this guy seems like a pretty swell cop.

Read This Text Between a College Girl and Bro Who Hooked Up and the Condom Broke

I can't stop laughing at this today.

Girls PERFECTLY Trolls a Wrong Number Text from a Guy

Dude, you got called the fuck out after your little meltdown. AWK. WARD. Baby's yours, bitch.

College Girl Accidentally Sends Nudes to Her Dad, Hilarity Ensues

Well this is awkward. Last night, while a bunch of weird Twitter trends were poppin’ off about the  “Daquan,” Twitter […]

Bro Spits Texting Game to Try to Bang Best Friend’s Mom, Gets Destroyed

This is pretty fucking fake, but about as amusing as it gets for a blog post on a Friday afternoon in June when we'd all

Bro Expertly Texts an Ex-Girlfriend Who Cheated On Him with His Best Friend

Person of the Internet @KaneZipperman was sick of getting cutesy text messages from an ex-girlfriend who cheated on him with his so-called best friend.

Trolls Troll a Go Kart Repair Shop for Mario Kart Services via Text Messages

Too bad the guy stopped replying before they could work a Rainbow Road or Koopa Troopa Beach reference in.

This Drunk Texting Story Is Freakin’ Great

I laughed pretty hard at this. Bros... We need more stories like this. E-mail us your stories....

Bro Comes Up with a Great Way To Say ‘I’d Like to Sit On Your Face’ via Text Message

This is Broetry in its purest form. Dat ye old mic drop.

Bro Perfectly Prank Texts a Personal Trainer Advertising Her Services on Craigslist

Our Bros from Textastrophe are at it again, back to trolling people who leave their phone numbers in public places.

What If Your Hookup Texted Like Your Mom?

Hook-up: "Hey sweetie, I left some leftovers in the fridge!" You: "HOW THE FUCK DO YOU HAVE A KEY?!?!?!" 

Is This The Best Break-Up Text of All Time?

So honest. How can it not be? 

Bro Awesomely Trolls a Man on Craigslist Who’s Selling a Chili’s Gift Card via Text Messages

It's been well-over a month since we've heard from our favorite text trolls, Textastrophe.  They're back with an awesome prank on a rando Craigslist dude

Bro Hilariously Trolls an Artist Trying to Sell an Ugly Painting

The funniest Tumblr on the Internet, Textastrophe, just keeps getting better and better with the text message pranks. A couple of weeks ago they blew up the

Bro Sends Awesome Text to Naggy Girlfriend Who Doesn’t Want Him to Participate In No-Shave-November

There's nothing more annoying than having a naggy girlfriend complain about your God-given right as a man to grow facial hair during No-Shave November. This Bro

23 Funny Fratstar Text Conversations

"Hi, this is Sarah from last night. I'm interested in why I have you saved in my phone as 'The Pope.'"

This iPhone Texting Prank Is Great and Will Drive Your Friends Freakin’ Nuts

The Bros at Gizmodo discovered an excellent prank that will cause your friends with iPhones to bug the f- out. You know those blinking dots

Ricky Gervais Asked Twitter to Ask Their Grandparents About The Most Important Thing They’ve Learned

Comedian Ricky Gervais is currently on a PR offensive for his new Netflix show "Derek." The show is about people who work with old folks

I Can’t Stop Laughing at This Text Message Prank to a Personal Driver Ad

Textastrophe keeps getting better and better and better. If you didn't read their text message prank to a TGI Fridays manager, go do that here. 

What Happens When You Text Drake Lyrics to Your Ex?

This is such a great prank from our friends over at Pigeons and Planes. They thought it'd be funny to text Drake lyrics to their

Textastrophe Is Still the Funniest Damn Thing on the Internet

It's been a couple months since we've caught up with our favorite novelty prank Tumblr, Textastrophe. If you're unaware, Textasrophe is a hilarious series of

10 Classic Movie Endings Changed by Text Messages

Texting would have really ruined these movies... 

Bro Pranks a Wrong Number Text and It’s EPIC, Plus More Funny Text Messages

Have a funny text message for next week's Text Thursday? Send it to us here. This week we're leading off with an epic wrong number

Frat Bro Pranks a Wrong Number Text, Things Get Awkward

A tipster sent us this e-mail:  A little over a week ago i received a text from this poor girl asking me for a job. Unfortunately

Bro Sends Epic Text Prank About a Car Grill, Plus More Funny Text Messages

This week for Text Thursday, I'm going to open with two prank text-thread update from the wildly popular, super hilarious Tumblr site, Textastrophe.com. Their prank

An Awkward Encounter With a Married Woman In a Bar, Plus More Funny Text Messages

Reminder to send your text messages for next week's edition of Text Thursday here. 

Drunk Texts from Uncle Chuck, Plus More Funny Text Messages

Dude... Uncle Chuck kind of sounds like THE MAN. 

Bro Named ‘Tank’ Texts a Bro a Wrong Number Thinking It’s a Girl, Doesn’t Know Who Amanda Bynes Is

Wonderful text saga sent here from a loyal BroBible reader. Here's the story: "Some girl gave this guy the wrong number,

Blind Date Goes Terribly Wrong, Plus More Funny Text Messages

Reminder to double check who you're blasting out those text messages to. Also: Send us your funny text messages for next week's Text Thursday! 

The Rest of the Internet Is FINALLY Discovering the Trolling Text Message Magic That Is Textastrophe

FINALLY, the rest of the Internet is starting to catch on to the trolling text message magic that is Textastrophe. It's been our new favorite

‘Assuming You Are a Fellow Bro Who Pulled a Number Off a Lady,’ Plus More Funny Text Messages

Bros. BROS... BROS!!!! Can I get your attention here for a second? This is actually an absolutely brilliant tip for avoiding a wrong number situation.

Texts From Dad to His Bro Son In College, Plus More Funny Text Messages

"Drake" is never, ever an acceptable excuse to spend your parents money. In fact, "Drake" is never ever an acceptable excuse for anything. 

Perfect Week for Stoner Texts, Plus 13 More Funny Text Messages

Have a hilarious text message for next week's Text Thursday? Send it to us right here. 

Text Thursdays: Bro Trolls a Wrong Number Who Just Doesn’t Quit, Plus More Funny Text Messages

Welcome to another super fantastic edition of Text Thursdays. Today we'll start out with a Bro who decided to have some fun with a wrong

Text Thursday: Who Poops In Sears? Plus 13 More Funny Text Messages

You're right, Mom. Who the hell does that?

Cool Fart Story, Bro, Tell It Again! Plus 18 More Funny Text Messages

The best part about this story, in my personal opinion, is that this Bro was texting his buddy to let him know that Wal-Mart has

Text Thursdays: Introducing ‘The Phone Moan,’ Plus 13 More Funny Text Messages

Hey, hey, it's the best day of the week: Text Thursday. To start today, we'd like to bring your attention to a new thing called

23 Famous Movie Plots Easily Solved by Text Messages

If only The Dude had an iPhone... 

Hey Wrong Number, No Need to Be So Agressive, Plus 13 More Funny Text Messages

It's the best day of the week, Text Thursday! 

Text Thursdays: RE: Getting the V on Valentine’s Day, Plus 18 More Funny Text Messages

Text Thursday is here and it's ready for Valentine's Day. Have a great text message for next week? Drop us an e-mail right here.  Also... If