20 Outrageous Acts That Got People Banned From Places For Life


If you’ve ever been banned from somewhere, odds are there was a significant amount of alcohol involved and, truth be told, you probably deserved it.


I Promise You’ll Laugh at This Hilarious Embarrassing Story About a Bro Losing His Virginity


This is one of the funniest stories you'll ever hear about losing one's virginity.

the 9th semester

5 Ways High School Sports Inadvertently Prepared Us For the Working World


They always say high school sports is all about the life lessons.


The 20 Worst ‘Meet-The-Parents’ Dating Stories Ever


This Reddit thread on the worst "meet-the-parents" dating stories is the stuff nightmares are made of.

hookup stories

A Boston Bro Recounts His Story of Being Trapped with a One-Night Stand During the Lockdown


Figured there was gonna be a story or two like this out there--a friend of a friend of Stevie Chay's experienced something similar in the aftermath of a hurricane, and MAN did it sound awkward.


Senior Hockey League Player Poops in Opponent’s Glove After Fight, Achieves Instant Legend Status


Over the past day or so, Zung Nguyen, a 37-year old defenseman in the New England Senior Hockey League, has become an instant legend.

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