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Comedian Jay Mohr Tells A HILARIOUS Story About Christopher Walken That Doesn’t Involve Cowbell


Whether it's a fever for more cowbell or dancing his face off in a Fatboy Slim music video, Christopher Walken is humanity's gift that keeps on giving.


20 Outrageous Acts That Got People Banned From Places For Life


If you’ve ever been banned from somewhere, odds are there was a significant amount of alcohol involved and, truth be told, you probably deserved it.


I Promise You’ll Laugh at This Hilarious Embarrassing Story About a Bro Losing His Virginity


This is one of the funniest stories you'll ever hear about losing one's virginity.

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5 Ways High School Sports Inadvertently Prepared Us For the Working World


They always say high school sports is all about the life lessons.


The 20 Worst ‘Meet-The-Parents’ Dating Stories Ever


This Reddit thread on the worst "meet-the-parents" dating stories is the stuff nightmares are made of.

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A Boston Bro Recounts His Story of Being Trapped with a One-Night Stand During the Lockdown


Figured there was gonna be a story or two like this out there--a friend of a friend of Stevie Chay's experienced something similar in the aftermath of a hurricane, and MAN did it sound awkward.

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