The Cast Of ‘Super Troopers’ Went To Police Boot Camp, It Went As Ridiculously As You’d Expect


The Internet collectively shit itself with excitement when we found out that Super Troopers 2 is a thing that is going to exist.

will ferrell vs kevin hart

Watch Will Ferrell Swap Iconic Roles With Kevin Hart In Hilarious Lost Audition Tapes


Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart took the overused, unoriginal concept of two people swapping places usually through some magical mirror that has been done in movies too many times and squeezed absolute comedy gold out of it.

Office Space

Replacing ‘Michael Bolton’ With The Real Michael Bolton In ‘Office Space’ Makes The Movie Even Funnier


The movie Office Space gave Michael Bolton street cred and he wasn't even in the movie.


These Porn Stars Got Naked To Teach You About Net Neutrality


Funny Or Die Brutal honesty coming in 3.

parody videos

Guy Wears Camera To Show What It’s Like For A White Man To Walk Around NYC For 10 Hours

By | 4 Comments

Earlier this week, we posted a viral video of a woman walking around NYC for 10 hours.

will ferrell

Wanna Watch Homeless Will Ferrell Scream At Derek Jeter For 4 Minutes Straight? Now’s Your Chance


A few days ago we showed you Will Ferrell, Kevin Hart and Chris Rock saying goodbye to Derek Jeter, but now for some unfathomable reason there’s a director’s cut of that same video, except by “director’s cut” I mean they took away Hart and Rock and just left us with Ferrell screaming “DEREK JETER” for 4 minutes straight.


Brooklyn Decker naked in a ‘threesome’ with two other girls sounds hot, right?


Yes, Brooklyn Decker is naked in this video, as are two other girls.

Zach Galifianakis

Justin Bieber Goes on ‘Between Two Ferns,’ Zach Galifianakis Calls Him Out for Being a Douchebag


Justin Bieber recently sat down with the Internet's best talk show host, Zach Galifianakis, for another amazing episode of Between Two Ferns.

Funny videos

This Video Hilariously Describes What Happens When Bros Come Out


Now, the only problem with coming out is if you happen to do it during the game.


Alyssa Milano Sex Tape FINALLY Hits the Web


The Alyssa Milano sex tape the world's been waiting for has finally hit the web.

Funny or Die

Dean Norris Hilariously Spoils Things That Aren’t Breaking Bad


The interconnected world we live in puts everyone on #spoilerwatch.

Tom Brady

When a Superfan Becomes a Friend: Tom Brady Teams Up with Funny or Die to Make a Humorous Video


Actually two videos--this is the second part of a "wicked accent" series, featuring Tom Brady testing out his comedy acting chops.

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