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Mom Leaves Embarassing Note to Her Son About Jerking Off with Her Moisturizer, Buys Him Lube

Damnit, Mom.... Why do you have to ruin my "me" time with a note like this? There is no way this kid is ever going

Neighbor Leaves the Best Note Ever for a Guy Who Just Broke Up with His Girlfriend

Hell yeah. What a great guy. This is how you win life, Bros. 

Elementry School Student Writes a Hilarious Accidental Note to a Veteran

Veterans Day is this upcoming Monday, and what better way to give men and women of the U.S. Armed forces warm-and-fuzzies than adorable notes of

Neighbor Sends Perfect Note After Night Of ‘Extremely Loud’ Sex

Sorry for partying? Nahhhhh.....


Angry Neighbor Leaves Awesome Note for an Aspiring EDM DJ Who Thinks His Music Is ‘The Shiznit’

Shout-out to this angry neighbor for destroying some aspiring EDM star who thinks his button-pressing Ableton skills are something special. The money quote? “I don’t piss

Is This Office Birthday Card Amazing, Depressing, or Amazingly Depressing?

The other day it was someone in our office's birthday. Some weird guy wearing a gorilla suit came in, upped the energy level by a

Dude Composes Breathtaking Cover Letter, Is Either World’s Most Kindhearted Person or Biggest Troll

Cover letters that break the mold have long been one of our favorite things, but this one is really just takes the cake

Here Is the White House’s Gem of a Response to the Star Wars ‘Death Star’ Petition

Some background: Thousands of Star Wars glasses wearers recently sent the White House a petition to start building a Death Star by the year 2016.

Passive-Agressive Notes from Angry Apartment Building Neighbors, Plus Today’s Fix (16 Pics)

I don't think these neighbor's like each other very much. Via.

Faith In Humanity Restored, Plus the Daily Fix (16 Pics)

Possibly the Bro move of the year. Random stranger hooks a dude up with strip club money after breaking up with his girlfriend. Via,

Neighbors Surprisingly Cool About a Guy Getting Drunk and Peeing All Over Their Couch, Plus the Fix

Via Deadspin comes one of the best notes on the Internet today. Apparently the guy entered the wrong townhouse after a night out on

This Note from Human Resources Is Hilarious (Someone’s Going to Get Fired Soon), Plus Today’s Fix

According to the humorless bastards down in HR, this office prank war went a few pranks too far. That's unfortunate! But seriously, tread carefully, Bro,

Passive Agressive Sticky Notes from the Worst Roommate Ever, Plus Today’s Fix

This person sounds like A BLAST to live with... Via.

If You Send Tom Hanks a Typewriter and Ask Him to Be on Your Podcast, He’ll Respond with This Gem

Further proof that Tom Hanks is really just the MAN. 

Life Lessons From Being a Fratstar and the Ultimate Cool Ranch Doritos Lifehack, Plus Today’s Fix

Two great lessons to be learned in Today's Fix. First of all, a fantastic life lesson learned from fraternity life. Second, perhaps the greatest

Chris Kluwe Writes About Invading Russia, Peanut M&M’s in His Uproarious Weekend Game Log

Vikings Punter Chris Kluwe has established himself as far and away the NFL's best wordsmith in recent memory, if not of all-time. For samples of

Maybe the Best Police Report You’ll Ever Read, Starring ‘Old Man McGumbus’

In the words of a sorority girl whose convinced herself she's more attractive than she actually is, "is this real life?" 

‘I Wasn’t the One Who Left It In the Toilet. I Swear!’ and Your Best Links of the Day

"I swear!" Via. Follow BroBible on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Google Plus.

An Unlikely Way to Ask a Girl Out and Your Best Links of the Weekend

I wonder if she said yes? Via. Follow BroBible on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Google Plus.

An Awesome ‘Do the Dishes’ Note and Your Best Links of the Day

 Well, here's one way to get your roommate to do the dishes. Via. WHILE WE HAVE YOUR ATTENTION: Do you Google +1?

Coolest Note from Mom Ever and Your Best Links of the Day

NICE call, Mom. Via

Borders Employees Have an Airing of Grievances‎

Borders bookstore is officially dead, which sucks because I know somewhere I have a few gift cards that are now just essentially pieces of fancy

One Way to Deal with a Noisy Neighbor…

If you've ever lived next to a chick who's a gigantic hoe in a cheap apartment with paper-thin