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Save Banana Man with Facebook LIKEs

By now, you've likely heard about Henry Gribbohm, the New Hampshire man who lost his $2,600 life savings trying to win an X-Box at a

Gridiron Goons: 21-Year-Old Poses as a High School Senior So He Can Play on the Football Team

Seventeen year old Javier Jones of Michigan's Mt. Pleasant HIgh was just like every other senior, trying to live our their dreams of gridiron glory

Here’s a Local News Story About Virginia’s ‘Master Bait Shop’

Mad respect for this man's business acumen. Michael DeClue, the owner of Virginia's Orange County Master Bait Shop, obviously mastered his Marketing 101 class. Some

‘The Hangover’ in Real Life: Three Australian Dudes Got Drunk and Stole a Penguin from SeaWorld

All this story needs is Mike Tyson and it's pretty much "The Hangover" in real life. Last weekend three drunk dudes in Australia

Girl Runs Away from the Cops While Screaming Tyga’s ‘Rack City’

Greatest campus police blotter item ever? Quite possibly. Hard to believe this is even real. If it is, totally worth it, Alyssa

Not a Bad Problem to Have…

Even if you own too many cats, this probably isn't a bad problem to have...

Alex Trebek Tears Achilles Tendon Chasing a Burglar; Is Kind of a Bad$$

Earlier today everyone's favorite 72-year-old game show host was in the San Francisco Bay Area to host the National Geographic World Championship event

A Story About a Nekked Man, a Dead Iguana, and an Animal Hoarder’s Son Attacking a News Reporter

It's not everyday that there's a news story involving a nekked man, a 4-foot-long alligator, an animal hoarder, a half dozen dead dogs, and it's

Behold, The Power of Bacon!: Grandmother Beats, Tortures Nine-Year Old for Eating Too Much Bacon

You'd be a damn fool to question the supernatural powers of bacon. Our favorite cured meat can cause people to do strange, strange things. It's

Chris Hansen Caught Cheating on His Wife with 30-year-old TV Reporter Kristyn Caddell

  Right now you're probably thinking to yourself, "the only thing that could make this story any more ironic/hilarious is having a camera crew walk-in on

What Has Two Thumbs and Got Arrested for Getting a Blow Job in Public?

Public blow jobs are a right of passage. A wave goodbye to adolescence as you take an eight-pulsed waltz into adulthood. It's an accomplishment. Something you

MUST WATCH: Here’s a Local News Story About a Man Forced To Eat His Own Beard

Things got downright gross last May when Harvey Westmoreland (above) got into a fight with James Hill and Troy Holt over the price of a

Another Man Arrested for Buggery, This Time Surprisingly Not in South Carolina

The charm of horse buggery (see: sexually violating a horse via the horse's a**hole) is a great mystery to most of us. I suppose on