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8 Positions for Sex at Your Parents’ Place

Good news: It's almost Winter Break! That means it's time to have sex in your old bedroom at your parents house. 

Wait, That’s What the Back of Your T-Shirt Says? And Your Best Links of the Day

Just livin' the dream, Bro. Just livin' the dream. Via Tosh.0. Links after the jump.

Hey New Facebook Mom: You Sure You Want to Name Her That? and Your Best Links of the Day

Um... are you sure? Maybe do a Google Search on that one, proud new mother? Now that you've have your LOLs, best links of the

Caption This Epic Photo of Bill Clinton and Barack Obama and Your Funny Links of the Day

The title says it all. Funniest caption gets mad props. Via. CLICK!

Facebook Geography FAIL and Your Funny Links of the Day

7 Random Things You Won't Believe Are Shortening Your Life. [Cracked] Internet, Meet TRUTH (funny pics). [The Chive] PHOTO GALLERY: 25 Dumbest First World Problems. [TruTV] The 50

The Best Answer to ‘Are You Free?’ Ever and Your Funny Links of the Day

Best response to "Are you free?" ever, in text form. Funny links du jour after the jump.

Funny Links for January 18: Oatmeal SOPA GIF Edition

The Only Argument for SOPA on the web [Cracked] An Honest Guide to Every Facebook Timeline Ever. [College Humor] FDR: American Badass! Red Band Trailer. [Heavy] Theories, Myths

Funny Links for November 10th: Brought To You By Pimps in Action and Crappy 1 Night Stands

The 6 Most Poorly Thought Out Attempts at Insurance Fraud. [Cracked] 13 Dumb Names For Different Kinds of Farts. [TruTV] 25 Board Game Tattoos [Holy Taco] Crappiest 1

Funny Links for November 7: Earthquake Reactions and Things Men Don’t Need To Know About Women

5 Insane Ways Fear of Masturbation Shaped the Modern World. [Cracked] 11 Things Men Don’t Need To Know About Women. [COED Magazine] "Candy Thief vs. No-F*cks-Given Cop...WHO

Funny Links for November 3: Chile Ash Cloud, Tiger Rugs, and Mustaches Vs. Crime

5 Reasons You Don't Miss Your 20s When They're Over. [Cracked] 7 ways to break up with her (when you’re afraid to do it). [Guyism] COOL: This

Funny Links for November 3: The Many Explosions of Michael Bay and The Roommate Cast Of Characters

5 Terrifying Things Movies Don't Tell You About Los Angeles. [Cracked] 25 reasons why plastic surgery is insanely dumb. [TruTV] Six Influential Dead Guys I’d Like to

Funny Links for November 1: Sig Eps, Weed Onto a Plane, and How Music Travels

7 B.S. Sports Stories for When The Media Has Nothing to Say. [Cracked] Top 10: Reasons Gentlemen Prefer Brunettes. [Ask Men] The 25 Most Notable Sig Eps

Funny Links for October 31: E! Online FAIL, Badass Halloween Parties, and the 2000 Toyota Corolla

5 Halloween Parties Too Badass to Be Real (That Totally Are). [Cracked] The Top Ten 1980s Movie Monsters We Want To Party With. [Maxim] 13 Biggest Sex

Funny Links for October 27: Uncool Halloween Costumes, Crazy Tailgate Whips, and a Dope Powerhour

Pic via. Six songs that were suppose to be jokes [Cracked] 7 Halloween Costumes That Never Look as Cool as You Think. [Cracked] Kanye West meets Saved

Funny Links for October 26: Worst Bachelor Party Ever, Halloween or Williamsburg, and Absurd Boxers

6 Scary Tricks That Amazed Us as Kids [Cracked] Racing Against Time [TruTV] Twelve Absurd Boxer Shorts That Will Guarantee You Never Seal the Deal With a