Video games

Kid Writes Epic Letter To Santa As If He’s Bowser, King Of The Koopas


One of the gazillions of reasons why being a kid is awesome is because you get assigned creative writing lessons like this.

funny letters

Little Kid Writes Funniest Letter to His Mom from Camp Ever


If I were a betting man, I would bet the house that these "notes home to mom from camp" that's floating around the internet are #FaF (fake as fuck), but whatever.

viral pictures

The 30 Most Viral Letters and Notes of 2012


We love it when our readers send us notes, letters, and e-mails.

rock and roll

Happy Birthday Jimi Hendrix: Read a Letter from the U.S. Army Accusing Hendrix of Masturbating


If it wasn't for those damn sleeping pills and red wine, guitar shredding rock'n roll icon Jimi Hendrix would have turned 70 today.


Pirate Group Sends Congratulatory Letters to Companies Who Get Their Ships Hijacked


It's 2012, so naturally its time for Pirates to form names that resemble law firms.


The Best Rejection Letter to a Hopeful Playgirl Centerfold You’ll Read Today


Absolute gold from Redditor Schmedditz, who writes: "My uncle submitted photos of himself to a certain ladies magazine in the 70's.

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