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Guy Writes Hilarious ‘Rules of the House’ Letter to New Roommate (Sadly, It’s Probably Fake)

Always knock before entering.

Little Kid Writes Funniest Letter to His Mom from Camp Ever

If I were a betting man, I would bet the house that these "notes home to mom from camp" that's floating around the internet are

Faith In Humanity Restored, Plus the Daily Fix (16 Pics)

Possibly the Bro move of the year. Random stranger hooks a dude up with strip club money after breaking up with his girlfriend. Via, where

The 30 Most Viral Letters and Notes of 2012

We love it when our readers send us notes, letters, and e-mails. Usually it's from a downstairs neighbor who's been up all night after an intense

Happy Birthday Jimi Hendrix: Read a Letter from the U.S. Army Accusing Hendrix of Masturbating

If it wasn't for those damn sleeping pills and red wine, guitar shredding rock'n roll icon Jimi Hendrix would have turned 70 today. Via the

Life Lessons From Being a Fratstar and the Ultimate Cool Ranch Doritos Lifehack, Plus Today’s Fix

Two great lessons to be learned in Today's Fix. First of all, a fantastic life lesson learned from fraternity life. Second, perhaps the greatest lifehack

Another Great ‘Dear Neighbor’ Sex Letter

Has to be sex, right? Like, she couldn't have this much fun writing this letter and not think there wasn't some serious boinking going down,

Pirate Group Sends Congratulatory Letters to Companies Who Get Their Ships Hijacked

It's 2012, so naturally its time for Pirates to form names that resemble law firms. Is the next step local infomericals? 

The Best Rejection Letter to a Hopeful Playgirl Centerfold You’ll Read Today

Absolute gold from Redditor Schmedditz, who writes: "My uncle submitted photos of himself to a certain ladies magazine in the 70's. This was the reply

Will This Letter Bring the Feud Over ‘Hopasaurus Rex’ Beer to Extinction?

Props to Freetail Brewing Co. for being awesome. The San Antonio-based brewing company got a rather abrupt Cease & Desist notice recently over the name

11 ‘Clogged Dorm Shower’ Letters, Proving That Letter About Semen in the Drains Is Indeed Bogus

Have you heard about the epidemic sweeping college residence halls across the country? All things considered, it's sticky situation. Apparently some sort of mutant,

At Least One Broncos Fan Is Very, Very Angry About Tim Tebow’s Backwards Baseball Cap

It's a weird, whacky world with lots of perfectly justifiable things to get angry about: The Dow nosediving over 600 points to 2008-era lows; credit-downgrades

Read an Unintentionally Hilarious 1898 Memo to MLB Players To Clean Up Their Profane Language

You think people cursing, screaming, and acting like animals at a baseball games is a new thing? Guess again. Here's an unintentionally hilarious memo to

Senior Prank at Carlmont High School Informs Student Body of Mandatory Pen*s Inspection

Not to be out-done by Saint Viator's "mandatory body cavity searches" at prom for contraband, the senior prankers at Carlmont High School in Redwood City,

One Way to Deal with a Noisy Neighbor…

If you've ever lived next to a chick who's a gigantic hoe in a cheap apartment with paper-thin walls, you know just how obnoxious it

Dr. Dre Writes Girlfriend About ‘Burning Man’ While Scouting for ‘California Love’ Music Video

If you believe everything you read on the Internet, once upon a time Dr. Dre headed into the Nevada desert to scout locations for the

Ok, Fine, We’ll Post the Mickey Mantle BJ Letter That’s Been Circulating On the Internet Since 2006

In 2006, a blogger named Will Leitch published a little post on a site called Deadspin.com titled "Mickey Mantle, God Among Men." Here's what Leitch

This is What a Pimp’s Business Plan Looks Like

Earlier in December Youth Radio and NPR's "All Thing Considered" aired a two-part investigative series about a very serious issue: Sex trafficking on the mean

The Most Ridiculous Cash4Gold Rejection Letter You’ll Read All Day

Here's a really ridiculous rejection letter from Cash4Gold.com. Props to Mr. Haberny for telling the website about how he found a bunch of "14 karat