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In Honor Of That James Brown Movie Opening, Let’s Watch His Weirdest Interview Ever

Papa's got a brand new bag... of hallucinogenic drugs.

This Clip of Russell Brand Philosophizing About Life Shows He’s Either Very Smart, or a Huge Troll

Likely a combination of both. 

DMX Has a Heart-to-Heart with Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg

Prophet of our generation, or high as f*ck? Either way, DMX gives Hot 97's Peter Rosenberg some solid advice on how to handle his beef

This Old Irish Horse Trainer Gives the Best Post-Race Interview Ever

With his prized mare winning a big, important race at Leopardstown yesterday, it's safe to say Irish horse trailer Peter Casey had a

Jason Terry On Penetrating and ‘Sucking the D In’

Here's Jason Terry's now infamous halftime interview during yesterday's Game Four victory over the Lakers. Just try not to snicker about all the innuendos he