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Jokes About Subway and Art Majors Never Get Old, Plus 10 More Facebook Follies

The whole "sandwich engineer" thing suddenly makes more sense... 

Pizza Delivery Driver to the Rescue! Plus 5 More Facebook Follies

You don't think pizza delivery drivers have mad skills? Psshhhh....

A Very Sharty Sex Revenge Story, Plus 7 More Facebook Follies

Well that's one way to get back at him. Via. No way this is real. If so, ERMAHGERD!!!!!

Things Get Weird in the Wal-Mart Bathroom, Plus 16 More Facebook Follies

Technically this was in last night's Facebook Follies, but the story is so good we needed to post it again. 

Yes, This Is the Worst Feeling in the World, Plus 12 More Facebook Follies

I see we've been on a little bit of a poop theme here in Facebook Follies. Anyway, this guy nailed the worst feeling in the

Guy Pranks People on Facebook By Dressing Up As Facebook Profile Pics and Sending Friend Requests

This is one canny way to freak out people on Facebook. Via Redditor CasinoRoy: “After searching FB for people with the same name as me,

How to Troll Someone with the Faucet in the Bathroom, Plus 21 More Facebook Follies

So cruel... Let the man poop in peace!

Hey Girl, Uh, You Can’t Get Drunk from Grenadine, Plus 11 More Facebook Follies

That's just not possible. Also: Hilarious.

A Facebook Status from Overly Attached Girlfriend In Real Life, Plus 7 More Facebook Follies

Remember, men: Chose your ladies wisely. 

Why College Towns + Mondays Are Awesome, Plus 9 More Facebook Follies

Ah, college. Enjoy it while you can. 

Meeting Liam Neeson In an Elevator and Old Man Ted Mosby, Plus 8 More Facebook Follies

It's true! It's true! Liam Neeson really is a total badass in real life. 

Teddy Brosevelt Kicks Justin Bieber’s Ass and Another Wingman Story, Plus 9 More Facebook Follies

Today's Facebook Follies will cause you to lose your faith in humanity (the mind-boggling thread about Justin Bieber and Teddy Roosevelt above) and restore your

And This is Why You Don’t Lecture Random People, Plus 11 More Facebook Follies

If you lecture people in random convinence store lines, you're gonna have a bad time. 

Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People, Plus 8 More Facebook Follies

Tonight's Facebook Follies have arrived. Who's going to be our 61,000th fan on Facebook?

Why You Should Have Sex to Live Albums, an Epic Bachelor Party, Plus 5 More Facebook Follies

Time to dust off that copy of "Frampton Comes Alive." Today's Facebook Follies after the click. Go "Like" BroBible on Facebook

Ew, Mom, That’s Nasty, Plus 11 More Facebook Follies

Something no one ever wants to hear from their mother. Today's Facebook FAILs, gaffes, SMHs, WTFs, and LOLs. Another edition of Facebook Follies after the

Trolled! By the Old Guy Drinking a Beer at the Pool, Plus 5 More Facebook Follies

This old guy is a boss for two reasons: 1.) Chillin' with a beer at the pool and 2). putting the punk-ass lifeguard in his

Facebook Girl Thinks You Can Pay for Stuff Online By Putting Your Credit Card in a Computer CD Slot

Wow. SMH: "Christy I'm kidding. I tried it and it wouldn't take the card. It only takes round cards..."

Cab Driver Gets Epic Revenge With Facebook Status Update On a Passenger Who Dashed On the Fare

Well played, cabbie. A public shaming at its absolute best. Click to read.

Fake Brian Cardinal Disses LeBron with Awesome, Post-NBA Finals Win Facebook Update

The MVP for best post-NBA Champion Facebook diss aimed at LeBron and his mother goes to The Custodian's fake Facebook page. Classic Brian Cardinal: "That