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Indiana University Bro Emails Professor To Contest His Grade, When She Blows Him Off He Responds Like An Asshole

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Sometimes we don't get the grade we want, or the one we feel like we deserve based on our performance or gross sense of entitlement (could go either way).


College Professor Shames Student For Writing Terrible Email By Dissecting Its Shittiness On YouTube

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Hot Tip: When writing an email to anyone that you don't know, in a semi-professional setting, it's best not to write it like a total asshat.

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Girls: Your Brunch and Birthday Dinner E-mail Chains Are Annoying and Ridiculous


Our frends at Betches Love This have a hilarious set of e-mails basically making fun of girls’ birthday dinner correspondence.

funny emails

Bro Shares Humorous Letter From Commissioner of His Fantasy Football League


Fantasy football and betting and pick 'em leagues and knockout pools really fuel our craving to watch football.

funny emails

The Best Angry E-mail Rant from a Fantasy Football Commissioner Ever


We've all been in fantasy football leagues with guys who take it way more seriously than others.

University of Maryland

The University of Maryland Isn’t Happy About Its Students Yelling ‘F-You’ at An 11-Year-Old Boy


University of Maryland's Athletic Director, Kevin Anderson, recently sent an e-mail blast to the entire studnt body RE: "aggressive and offensive behavior" at football games.

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Landlord’s Bitter Email About How Much College Kids Trashed His Apartment


Yesterday afternoon, the Bros over at Brocrastinator tipped us off to this hasty email a landlord sent to one of their friends.

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JP Morgan Summer Intern Sends E-Mail Blast About Where to Booze in NYC with a Fake


Mistakes happen, but this probably wasn't very smart, nor a way to fast-track your job prospects in finance.

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BroBible Reader Sick of College Sports Teams ‘Doing Some BS Synchronized Dance’


Hands down the best reader email we've received in a while: Subject: f*ck the harvard track team and the turd who thought this post-production abomination was an act of god recreating the earth From: [alias redacted until he gives us permission]   quick beef, i read brobible daily to keep the monotony of post college life from festering into a hatred for all things created unequal, hot, drunk, college girls.

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