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Betches Love This Thinks Our Gift Guide For Your Girlfriend Sucks

Maybe it does? What the hell do we know, we're just a bunch of dumb dudes. I mean, they would know, right? Right? Hello?

The Best Angry E-mail Rant from a Fantasy Football Commissioner Ever

We've all been in fantasy football leagues with guys who take it way more seriously than others. You know the type: The person who never

READER E-MAIL: The Mile High Messiah’s Seven Deadly Sins of Fantasy Football

We like it when readers send us amusing e-mails. This afternoon a tipster sent in this gem e-mail from his fantasy football league, in which

Read a Bunch of Old E-mails From a Cornell University Athletic Team RE: Their Upcoming Toga Party

Someone, perhaps with dubious intentions that we'll never know, forwarded Gawker some e-mail invites to a toga party hosted by an unnamed Cornell

The Girl Who Let Quentin Tarantino Suck on Her Toes Had a Sports Broadcasting Gig at Cal

It's been just about 24-hours since Beejoli Shah's "do it all for the story" e-mail about letting Quetin Tarantino suck on her toe

Rowdy San Francisco Giants Fan Gets Referred to Alcoholics Anonymous for Going H.A.M.

It's not everyday a family friend refers you to Alcoholics Anonymous after a rowdy evening at a ball