college girls

Towson Girl Sends E-mail to Professor That She Will Not Be Attending Class On Beyoncé’s Birthday


There are powerful forces in the universe that my weak, feeble little mind just cannot wrap my head around: Dark matter, the nuclear physics behind supernobas, and why every Starbucks sipping, 20-something girl is obsessed with "Queen Bae" Beyoncé Knowles are three.

funny e mails

Why America’s Founding Fathers Were the World’s First Frat Stars


Tell me you can't picture Ben Franklin chillin' at a Government Mule concert, smokin' a bowl and crushing pint after pint of Victory Summer Love Ale.

funny emails

The Best Angry E-mail Rant from a Fantasy Football Commissioner Ever


We've all been in fantasy football leagues with guys who take it way more seriously than others.

toga party

Read a Bunch of Old E-mails From a Cornell University Athletic Team RE: Their Upcoming Toga Party


Someone, perhaps with dubious intentions that we'll never know, forwarded Gawker some e-mail invites to a toga party hosted by an unnamed Cornell University athletic team.

university of california

The Girl Who Let Quentin Tarantino Suck on Her Toes Had a Sports Broadcasting Gig at Cal


It's been just about 24-hours since Beejoli Shah's "do it all for the story" e-mail about letting Quetin Tarantino suck on her toe A-bombed it's way across the Internet.

San Francisco Giants

Rowdy San Francisco Giants Fan Gets Referred to Alcoholics Anonymous for Going H.A.M.


It's not everyday a family friend refers you to Alcoholics Anonymous after a rowdy evening at a ball game.

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