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How Awesome Is Amy Poehler In These Old Navy Commercials Featuring Some Girl’s Butt?

Way to go, Old Navy, for making a commercial where we're basically just staring at a hot girl's ass for the entire thing.

This Defense Lawyer Is a Real-Life Saul Goodman, Has The Most Honest Commercial Ever

Saul Goodman, your movie.

Is This Tattoo Shop Commercial the Greatest Local Ad Ever?

Nekkid Nate is the owner of Liberty Tattoo in Atlanta, Georgia. With a name like Nekkid Nate, he’s got to […]

Love Hot Asians? Watch This Japanese Lingerie Commercial

A new commercial from Japanese lingerie maker Wacoal.

Brilliant Somersby Cider Commercial Mocks the Apple Store

Hahahahaha. Oh the Apple store, you're such an easy target. The only thing this video is lacking is an acne-faced 20-year-old in a "genius" t-shirt

Bizarre French Underwear Commercial Features A Lot of Nut-Smashing

It looks like tighty whiteys are still garnering a significant share of the underwear market in France. Things are so different in other countries, you

Want to See a Bunch of OKC Thunder Players Sing and Star in a Car Commercial? Of Course You Do

Serge Ibaka may as well drop everything he's doing and become one of those infomercial legends. Kendrick Perkins, not so much. 

Conan Spoofs the iPad Mini with a Commercial for the ‘iPad Mini Mega’ and the ‘iPad Mini Mega Micro’

The consensus is out: iPad Mini might be the most pointless Apple product to date. What's the point of a device that does the exact

Hilarious Commercial Shows What Would Happen if the TVs at Sports Bars Suddenly Stopped Working

Chaos. "Buffalo Wild Wings" 2.0. The entire plot of the movie "2012," packed into a significantly more riveting 90 seconds. 

The Latest Weight Watchers Ad is Just Charles Barkley Talking About His Penis

Weight Watchers is really pushing the envelope here. Not sure how I feel about that. Not sure if I want to live in a world

It’s Always a Sunday Funday with Rumchata

The cure to the end-of-summer blues just might be the creamy goodness of RumChata. 

Ragu Pasta Sauce is the Only Cure for Walking in on Your Parents Having Sex

Anyone who had the misfortune of stumbling on their parents having sex when they were a child knows that it’s a life-changing event – and

Florida’s Safe Sex for Seniors PSA Is Awesome

Gross fact of the day: In Florida, there's a huge spike in syphilis and Chlamydia in seniors. Cases of the diseases rose 71

Durex Knows How to Sell Condoms

Oh hey, you have something on your face there, Ma'm. Clever, Durex. Still not as good as the greatest, most-brutally honest condom commercial

Watch the Ridiculous Vytautas Mineral Water Commercial

I've never wanted a Lithuanian mineral water so bad.

The Dollar Shave Club’s Viral Ad Is Pretty Brotastic

For a company who's schtick is getting you to pay a dollar a month to have razors delivered, Dollarshaveclub.com sure has a decent

Douchebag Siri: An Honest Version of the Annoying Apple iPhone Rock God Commercial

There's no commercial on TV quite as obnoxious as the iPhone Siri commercial where some egotistical teenage d-bag asks his iPhone to call

Paddy Power’s Suggestion for ‘Chav-Free’ Sporting Events: Tranquilize Them

The Irish online betting website Paddy Power -- famed for their ridiculous prop bets and Pope Benedict XVI succession pool -- dropped this

More Colleges Need Commercials Like This Epic Technical College Spot

Fact: All college commercials suck big, hairy balls. This is baffling, since institutions dedicated to higher education are allegedly home to the best

Jerry Seinfeld Really, Really Wants to Be the First Dude to Own that New Acura

Not quite sure how Acura's commercial for the NSX compares to the Ferris Bueller commercial, but still definitely enjoyable for any Seinfield fans

So Honda Hired Todd Phillips to Direct a ‘Ferris Bueller’ Super Bowl Commercial

Super Bowl Week! That means TV commercials galore, including this huge one for the 2012 Honda CR-V. Iit stars Matthew Broderick as Ferris

This Doritos ‘Crash the Super Bowl 2012’ Video Is Amazing… But for Some Reason Doritos Rejected It

This hilarious "Crash the Super Bowl" commercial is making the viral rounds today and it's of utmost importance that we bring it to

50 Cent, Mike Tyson, and Floyd Mayweather Spoof ‘The Hangover’ In This ‘Street King’ Commercial

50 Cent has a new charity/energy drink brand to help feed impoverished children in Africa. It's called "Street King" and proceeds from the

Hey, Looks Like the Shannon Twins Are Still Hot

The Shannon Twins are the stars of a new commercial spot for Air New Zealand. We bring this to your attention for a

Is This Dubstep Cereal Commercial Proof That Dubstep Has Officially Jumped the Shark?

I have officially seen it all. Dubstep fans, game over.

Nascar Driver Kevin Conway And Caite Upton Play ‘Pen*s’ In Campy ExtenZe Promo

Remember that game you used to play in middle school? You know, the one where you'd see how awkward you could make a

Here’s Tom Brady’s Much-Buzzed About Uggs Commercial

Tom Brady received a lot of sh*t, including by yours truly, last January after landing an endorsement deal as the new pitchman of

Alec Baldwin and John Krasinski Continue Their Yanks/Sox Feud in ‘912’

New Era's latest Baldwin/Krasinski feud video is entitled "912" because that's the number rich people call in the case of an emergency. Way

Ultimate Batting Practice Goes Skeet Shooting (With the Help of a Little CGI)

We'd have a better chance of re-convincing ourselves that Santa Clause exists than believing that this could ever actually happen, so I don't

Kenny Powers Asks Life’s Important Questions

Another genius Kenny Powers / K-Swiss commercial. Wait for it...

Behold, The Magical Powers of Jenna Haze’s Fleshlight!

Here's the extended trailer for "Fleshlightning," a movie/viral ad (or something along those lines?) that leads us to believe that Jenna Haze's fleshlight possesses magical

Here’s Peyton And Eli Manning’s Trailer for ‘Football Cops’

Here we have a trailer for DirecTV's upcoming fall ad campaign, "Football Cops," staring the mustachioed Manning Brothers. The premise: Two football-wielding cops fight bad

Awesome Slo-Mo Carlton Draught Commercial

Our developer sent me this commercial earlier this morning, accompanied by this message: "Blah blah blah blah blah slow motion." You'll understand what

Awesome Slo-Mo Carlton Draught Commercial

Our developer sent me this commercial earlier this morning, accompanied by this message: "Blah blah blah blah blah slow motion." You'll understand what he's talking

The Commercial for Australia’s Hahn Super Dry Beer Features Bob Kelso and a Delorean Monster Truck

Not all beer TV spots are as cleaver as "The Most Interesting Man in the World." Plenty of beer commercials are a swing-and-a-miss

San Francisco Giants New Confessional Booth Commercial

It's no secret that the reigning World Series Champion San Francisco Giants are the du jour party boys of the MLB. Tim Lincec*m

VIDEO: Most Ridiculous Swedish Condom Commercial Ever Features Rabbits Dressed Like Hockey Players

You know who pulls a ton of tail? Hockey players. Who know who else pulls boy band poontang? Rabbits. With that in mind, a Swedish

VIDEO: Warren G Now Hawking Male Enhancement Pills

Jimmy Johnson has some competition: Warren G is the latest celebrity to appear in a pen*s pill infomercial. Sitting in a bed with a handful

Video: A Tribute to the Douche Commercials of Yesteryear

I can't remember the last time I've flipped on the tube and a good douche commercial popped up. It's been too damn long, I can

Lipton’s Brisk Iced Tea Revives ‘That’s Brisk, Baby!’

In the late 1990s, during a commercial break on a Super Bowl Sunday, one of the most recognized advertising campaigns of the decade was launched,