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This Company Couldn’t Sell Its Ad Space, So Instead They Threw Up Some Pictures Of A Hairy Fat Dude Undressing

The next best thing, right?

Guy Trying to Sell His Law Textbooks on Craigslist Promises Books Will Bring New Owner Tons of Sex

When an idiotic, yet hilarious, Craigslist ad comes across my desk, I can't ignore it. You people know that.

Love Hot Asians? Watch This Japanese Lingerie Commercial

A new commercial from Japanese lingerie maker Wacoal.

6 Retro Ads With Accidental Sexual Innuendos

Every now and then, we look back at the past and laugh uproariously at our stupid ancestors. Sure, they get a gold star for saving

This ‘Facebook Commenter Seeker’ Wins Craigslist for the Foreseeable Future

Just when we've thought we've seen it all....

This Apartment Ad Is the Definition of Trolling

I threw this up on the BroBible Facebook page late last night, but it's too clever not to dignify by posting here. Uncool, apartment company.

A Newspaper Editor at Singapore’s Straits Times Had a Lot of Fun Laying Out This Advertorial Page

Being an advertorial and all, there's no doubt this was intentional. Still, good times, good times. via HD.

Video: A Tribute to the Douche Commercials of Yesteryear

I can't remember the last time I've flipped on the tube and a good douche commercial popped up. It's been too damn long, I can

VIDEO: Watch Ashley Madison’s Rejected Super Bowl Ad

The season of "rejected Super Bowl ads" is upon us. This is the two to three week period in which companies that probably never had

Our 15 Favorite Most Interesting Man in the World Fake Ads

See that picture up there? It's of the guy who is as interesting as f*ck. You all know who he is by now and what

VIDEO: Antoine Dodson Pitches the Sex Offender Tracker App

Is this "new Sex Offender Tracker app with first of its kind augmented reality" for real? And does having Antoine Dodson aka "Hide ya kids,

VIDEOS: Rick Ross, Bo Jackson, and Tim Tebow Go ‘Boom’ in New Nike Commercials

Twitter just blew up with people wondering what the hell Rick Ross was doing in a Nike commercial. Turns out he's part of a new

VIDEO: Panda Cheese Commercials Prove: Never Say No to a Panda

I don't know what Panda Cheese is. I don't know what it tastes like. I don't know what country it's sold in. But this series