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100 Greatest Vines of 2013 All in One Place

This is one instance where there is a need to thank us. An incredible need. Do it. Do it. 

Guy Hilariously Trolls Republicans at RNC

The Republican National Convention has been action packed so far. Lots of speeches and Republican bonding, OH and this guy was also there wreaking havoc!

Season Finale of ‘Headshots’: ‘Untitled Rap Project’

In the final episode of "Headshots," all the big issues are tackled when Todd and Mike go on an audition together: Race, sex, drugs, and

The Gentlemen’s Rant: Family

Thanksgiving is next week and, like it or not, you'll probably be spending the better part of 5 days with some members of

Check Out How To Make It In America’s Music Video: ‘Luis Guzman’ by Duck Sauce

How To Make It In America is back next weekend and HBO is pulling out all the stops to get you ready. Here's

These Fish Do Not Like to Be Disturbed

Fishing made easy OR a scenario right out of an adventure video game from hell? I'll let you decide.

The Evolution of Hipsters (As Told By Two Puppets)

An insightful, educational, and thought provoking look into what exactly went wrong in the world to produce a society of hipsters. 

Derek Anderson’s MNF Rant Gets the Mash-Up Treatment with Dennis Green, ‘Goodfellas’

Yesterday morning we had our laughs at Derek Anderson's expense after his ridiculous press conference explosion. One day later, we're still yucking it up