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Ballplayers Respond (through Batting Stance Guy) to Landing on SI.com Meanest MLB Players List

Earlier this month, SI.com conducted a poll of 215 MLB players to find out who is the meanest of them all. The dirtiest

Guy with Elephant Balls Shows Them to Howard Stern

We don't cover much in the way of Howard Stern around here, but an old co-worker of mine -- we'll call him Adam

Alec Baldwin and John Krasinski Continue Their Yanks/Sox Feud in ‘912’

New Era's latest Baldwin/Krasinski feud video is entitled "912" because that's the number rich people call in the case of an emergency. Way

Two National Guard Trucks Drown Trying to Drive Underwater

I hope someone, anyone at all really, gave these guys the false promise that if needed, the National Guard trucks could drive when

Ultimate Batting Practice Goes Skeet Shooting (With the Help of a Little CGI)

We'd have a better chance of re-convincing ourselves that Santa Clause exists than believing that this could ever actually happen, so I don't

An Entire Flash Mob Robbed a 7-11

In Germantown, Maryland, a 7-11 store was robbed of such delicacies as Combos, UTZ chips, and other salty goods by a flash mob

Derek Anderson’s MNF Rant Gets the Mash-Up Treatment with Dennis Green, ‘Goodfellas’

Yesterday morning we had our laughs at Derek Anderson's expense after his ridiculous press conference explosion. One day later, we're still yucking it up

VIDEO: Charles Bronson Hates Hipsters, Too

Besides militant feminists, is there anything that makes your blood boil more than hipsters? You're not alone. Apparently silver-screen legend Charles Bronson hates hipsters, too.

VIDEO: Matt Millen Wants to Rip Steve Young’s Head Off

Many football fans believe that NFL analysts and color commentators have too much broadcast time to fill with dribbling, inane commentary. Here's a video of

MADDEN: Our New Favorite Football Announcer Calls a Ryan Grant Touchdown Rush

Listening to Joe Buck jibber jabber about the usual bullshit in a dreadfully dull monotone voice call last night's NLCS game made me realize how

VIDEO: Drunk Grandpa Grinds with Arizona State University Coeds

On Saturday Arizona State lost to the University of Oregon, 42-31. Despite the loss, it wasn't all tears of defeat for the ASU fans. Our