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This Breakfast-Themed Funeral Is Exactly How Funerals Should Be


A week or so ago, I posted about a rockin' funeral in Taiwan saying it was the best funeral ever.


Holy Shit! Taiwanese Funerals Look Ridiculously Fun


Are all funerals in Taiwan this rockin'.


Guyism Speed Round for August 21


In today's Guyism Speed Round, Chet Siegel discusses a man who won his dream funeral and how Amanda Seyfried feels about showing her boobs in Lovelace.

weirdest funerals

The 8 weirdest funeral traditions


While you would think mourning your dead would be pretty self-explanatory (dig a hole and then cry over it for a bit) history has proven that there is no end to man's creativity when it comes to funerals.


Man Has Burger King-Themed Funeral Because We’re All Too Fat


There’s nothing like a close relative dying to really make people hungry for mediocre fast food.

Ray Lewis

Ray Lewis Gave a Very ‘Ray Lewis’ Eulogy at Art Modell’s Funeral


Ravens fan or not, you can't deny that Ray is all class.

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